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The state of TIAH

July 17th, 2006

in 1947, Dr. Powell is paid a visit by the dark-suited men who had assisted Major Marcel in intimidating the Brazels. “We understand that you've been asking around about the weather balloon,” they tell him, and he says, “Yes, it's something I've been quite curious about. I've been wondering why a weather balloon would be vital to national security.” The shorter of the two men said to the doctor, “You know, in these days, Dr. Powell, with America's enemies all around, and Communists infiltrating our very nation, curiosity is a luxury we cannot afford. In order to fend off these savage dictators and defend our way of life, we all have to fall in line and do what's necessary.” Dr. Powell smirks, “So, in order to defeat these dictatorships, we need to shut up and do what we're told?” Both men nod. “I think you boys needed to pay a little more attention in civics.” Exasperated, the taller man said, “Look, doctor, if we hear anything more about you making visits to the morgue, or trouble for our story about the weather balloon, we're going to be looking into the possibility of revoking your license. Do you understand?” Dr. Powell understood very well, and said so. The men left his office, and Powell gathered up all his notes and locked them into a fire-proof safe in his office.

in 1955, Walt Disney opens his amusement park Disneyland, which turns into one massive boondoggle for him. He had thought that having actors in costumes resembling such beloved characters as Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck would be a whimsical delight for small children, but children visiting the park were completely creeped out by huge talking mice, dogs, ducks and whatnot. The rides were marginally more successful, although many park-goers questioned the fun of whirling around in giant teacups and things of that sort. All in all, the park lost Disney most of the $17 million he sunk into it, and nearly took his studio down with it.

in 1975, America's Apollo 22 docks with Russia's Soyuz 19 in an effort to promote cooperation between the 2 nation's space programs and begin a space rescue program that NASA had been pushing for ever since the near-disaster of Apollo 13. This 2-day mission was the last for the Apollo program, which had successfully landed ten ships on the moon and stretched America's reach to the stars. The next generation of American spacecraft, the Athenas, were launched in 1976, with Commander Jim Lovell piloting Athena 1 to the moon for his third trip to earth's satellite. This time, though, the storied pilot was able to land, saying, “Third time's the charm,” as he set foot on the dusty soil of what would become Washington Base, new home of the Athena project.

in 2017, Najib Kasem recovers almost fully from the stroke that hit him just two days before. The Eagle's doctor considers this just one notch below a miracle, and begins inputting as much information about Quarai medicine as he can into the ship's computer. “I'm hoping that you can get us home,” he tells Kasem. “Then, these techniques will make me a millionaire.” Kasem promises the doctor that he will do his best. Although Commander Patterson is wary about returning Kasem to work so quickly after the stroke, all the doctors say it would be good for him, and everyone working on the golden “jump” device would like his insight. “I'm fine, Commander, really,” Kasem tells her, although Patterson sees something in his eyes that disturbs her. “All right, you're back on the job.” He smiles and tells her, “I've thought of something while I was out. We should fly the device off world again for another experiment.” She agrees and says, “I'll clear it with the Quarai.”

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