Saturday, July 29, 2006

Aztec Fleet Reaches Greenland

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July 29th, 2006

in 1571, the huge fleet of Aztec ships reaches the southern coast of Greenland and resupplies before heading on to England. They meet with Spanish spies there, who inform them that Elizabeth is expecting their fleet and is assembling a force of her own to combat them. “Good,” says Emperor Mectezuma, “we will crush them once and for all. This will be a battle that will be spoken of in awe and wonder for centuries to come.” The Spanish spies are not as enthusiastic about facing the English, and stay behind while the Aztec leave Greenland on the final leg of their journey to do battle with the British.

in 1947, Mac Brazel's ranch is visited by a small team of the dark-suited men who had threatened him before, and they tell him that he is under investigation for treason, of all things. “All I did was find something on my ranch,” Brazel pleads. “You're the ones who put it there!” His pleas fall on deaf ears, though, and he is taken away while his children and wife are held back by the dark-suited men. Instead of being taken to the local jail, Brazel is taken to the Air Force base, where he is handcuffed to a chair and given an injection of something. An Air Force officer then speaks to him for several minutes, at the end of which Brazel is freed and taken back to his home. His family calls for Dr. Powell, only to find that he is missing. Brazel recovers from the drug he has been injected with in a few hours, and tells his family that they will never discuss the crashed object again.

in 2017, Najib Kasem, Alexei Robles and a couple of the Quarai linguistic specialists stay behind to decipher the Starwalker holographic message while the rest of the Pokor and Eagle crew explore the complex under the dry lake that holds the Starwalker message. There is very little left of the Starwalker civilization, but they do find a slab in gold that seems to have some kind of diagram of the golden Jump device that brought them here. They bring that back to the Pokor, and hope that the team at the holograph will be able to come up with a translation of the language soon. “We have maybe 2, 3 months supplies, so we have time,” Captain Mawrao tells Commander Patterson. “Hopefully, the device will still take us back to the last destination that was input,” Patterson says. “Then, we can at least get back to Pr't'(whistle). Maybe we could shuttle back and forth between here and there; if they can resupply us, we could stay here as long as it takes for our people to figure out that message.” Mawrao agrees, and sets some of the crew working on the jump device to see if they can recall the setting for the Pr't'(whistle) Dyson sphere.

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El Mariachi said...

I can't beleive it. I'm gathering information about Aztecs, so I not found any evidences that Aztec Fleet Reaches Greenland. My project Aztec history and culture does not have any information about it. Could you give some verifiable links to a trusted resources about it?

Sincerely yours,
El Mariachi.

Robbie Taylor said...

No, I can't. That's because this is an alternate history site, as opposed to a site recording history that actually happened.

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