Sunday, July 23, 2006

Roswell Package

The state of TIAH

July 23rd, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: Another great cartoon from our latest Guest Historian, Raymond Betancourt, today. Be sure to visit his site to see more of his work – you can get there just by clicking on the cartoon.

Ancient Greece

in 1947, the package of information that Dr. Powell of Roswell, New Mexico, sent to Martha Emmanuel of Dallas, Texas, arrives at her door. She opens the package from her old college friend to find strange ramblings about a government conspiracy to hide the truth from the public, dangerous experiments going on at the Air Force base, and a cover story about aliens of all things. At first, she fears for Powell's sanity, but as she looks deeper into his notes, she sees that the good doctor from Roswell is in complete possession of his faculties, but is in an insane situation. She calls a good friend of hers from law school, New Mexican State Senator Argus Fitzsimmons, and asks if he could look into the situation in Roswell with a little more weight than an out-of-state lawyer or a small-town doctor might be able to bring to bear. Senator Fitzsimmons promises to do his best.

in 2017, the Pokor emerged from the “jump” out of Pr't'(whistle)ian space into what seems to be a nebula. The cloud around them is multi-colored and composed of many rich elements, and the astronomers aboard begin studying it in fascination. Najib Kasem, who had adjusted the golden alien device to bring them here, looks at it and the nebula in puzzlement. Commander Patterson asks him, “What is it, Najib?” With one more look at the nebula, Kasem says, “Commander, this is supposed to be the home of the Starwalkers. I was sure of it.” One of the Quarai scientists, overhearing their conversation, says, “Maybe it was.” The Quarai shows Kasem a portable screen with what looks like a planet in the center of the nebula. Captain Mawrao immediately sets course for this world.

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