Sunday, July 30, 2006

Roswell Investigation Stalls

The state of TIAH

July 30th, 2006

in 1947, New Mexican State Senator Argus Fitzsimmons is visited in his Santa Fe office by men claiming to be from an agency called the National Security Agency and told that he needs to give up his investigation of the Roswell crash. “If this needs to be kept secret because of national security, gentlemen,” the senator says, somewhat indignantly, “why was a public announcement about a flying saucer made to the press?” One of the NSA officers says, “Misdirection. Keeps the Russkies from knowing what we really have.” Senator Fitzsimmons can't help asking, “What do we really have?” Both of the agents refuse to answer, telling him, “You're not cleared for that.” They leave the office with vague threats of prison time for the senator hanging in the air. Fitzsimmons makes a call to rancher Mac Brazel, the person who started all this, only to be told that Brazel no longer wishes to pursue the matter. “They nearly killed your daughter,” Fitzsimmons almost yells at him. “It doesn't matter. It's for the good of the country,” Brazel replies. Fitzsimmons, dejectedly, agrees to drop the matter.

in 1966, the country that gave birth to soccer is given its best chance to win soccer's ultimate victory when England play West Germany in the World Cup final. England was the host country, and had marched to the final with the anticipation that this would finally be their year. However, the thrilling match ended in a 2-2 draw at the end of regulation time, and during extra time, a goal was disallowed after the linesman ruled that after it hit the crossbar, it touched down in front of the goal line rather than behind it. The demoralized English side was held scoreless during the remainder of extra time, and the game was decided on penalty kicks, the first World Cup ever won this way. West Germany had the better of it, and came out of England as champions, winning 5-3 on penalty kicks.

in 2017, Commander Patterson notices something odd; the Quarai morale seems to have dropped considerably. She asks Captain Mawrao about it, and Mawrao tells her, “It is this dead place. Quarai, we like life, we feel all life is kin to us. To see a world where life is no longer... is depressing. We feel very sad for them.” Commander Patterson patted the captain on the shoulder and said, “Maybe they're still out there somewhere. After all, they made this Jump device – there must have been others.” Mawrao perked up at that, and replied, “So, we might meet them still. I'll let my crew know. It help them deal with all the death around here if it help us find the Starwalkers.”

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