Thursday, September 01, 2005

Chaos In The Wake Of The Elders

September 1st, 2005

in 822 AUC, the rebellious residents of the Judean province were put down, but Vespasian chose mercy over retribution, and allowed the Hebrews full citizenship in the Empire after a 5 year period of suppression.

in 1807, former U.S. Vice-President Aaron Burr flees into the independent republic he has created out of parts of Louisiana and Mexico in order to escape charges of treason. As High Minister of Louisia, Burr was a thorn in the side of both the United States and Mexico for a couple of decades to come.

in 4619, an earthquake struck the Japanese province of the Empire, in Kanto. The death toll was in the thousands, and Emperor Chengzu’s treasury was emptied of billions of yuan in repairing the damage. Chengzu ordered his Ministry of Science to begin work on predicting earthquakes, a task they began with enthusiasm; many in the ministry were themselves Japanese.

in 1928, Robert Pirsig was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first Westerner to achieve Nirvana, Pirsig’s accomplishment was noted in the Zen journal Snowflake, but western doctors merely thought that Pirsig was mad, and killed his body with electro-shock treatments. His spirit, already gone, remained at peace.

in 1933, Ann Richards was born in Lakeview, Texas. After her governership of the Soviet of Texas, Comrade Richards became the first woman elected to the Vice-Presidency alongside Comrade President John Anderson of the Socialist Party in 1972.

in 1939, Physical Review, a scientific publication, prints a paper on a phenomenon they call “black holes”, a possible source of en[REST OF ENTRY DELETED]

in 1941, people of Semitic ancestry in German Underground controlled areas of Europe were forced into labor camps, even if they had not been members of the Greater Zionist Resistance. This policy is continued as the Underground gains territory, making allies of everyone who is not quite Aryan in appearance.

in 1959, Li Huang-Sen spends a restless day aboard the ship carrying himself and his lover, Huan Yue to Canada. He spots something in the water several times, but is unable to determine what it is. He throws open his mind and tells it to let him be; he is then mentally attacked and falls into a coma.

in 1347, chieftain Moammar Qaddafi rose to the Caliphate of Libya by defeating Caliph Ibn Rashid in battle. Qaddafi set the tone for his rule by beheading all survivors of Rashid’s government.

in 1996, Dr. Melvin Courtney and Professor Malcolm Thomas celebrate the anniversary of their Chimanimani expedition at Edwards Air Force base in California. Neither of them is very happy about the work they are doing on the object at Edwards, and they are searching for ways to make it more mobile.

in 2004, world-wide riots break out as news of the possible Elder presence in China spreads around the globe. Many governments are simply overwhelmed by the unrest; Thailand, The Philippines, much of northern Africa, large sections of the American west and most of Central Europe fall victim to the chaos.


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Writer said...

That thing about the Buddhist guy writing a book called Snowflake and being killed in electro-shock therapy, is that going to be some sort of reacurring Budhist America timeline?

Robbie Taylor said...

It's just a tribute to the author, Robert Pirsig, who wrote the excellent book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, one of the finest works of philosophy I have ever read.

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