Saturday, September 17, 2005

Peace In The Middle East

September 17th, 2005

in 1656, the state of Massachusetts enacts several laws to contain the violent Quaker cult due to the murders committed by recent Quaker immigrants Ann Austin and Mary Fisher. The Catholic government of the state declared anyone belonging to the sect a heretic, subject to execution.

in 1787, the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shatters as northern delegates are unwilling to enshrine slavery in a document about freedom, and southern delegates will agree to nothing less. The north forms its own small nation in the coming years, while the southern states, unable to agree on a common government even among themselves, are gobbled up by Spain and France.

in 12-12-13-11-10, Oriquetcho, a priest of knowledge in the Oueztecan Empire, begins work on his theory of the origin of species; his controversial teaching that species evolved naturally is met with disfavor from the powerful priestly class in the Empire, but time and further experimentation bear his theories out.

in 1899, Samantha Williams-Hurst of the United Kingdom was elevated to the office of First Minister of the Congress of Nations, following the assassination of former First Minister Tiri’Kema. Her first act is to eulogize her predecessor; her second is to mobilize all the police forces available to the C.N. to find the killers.

in 1923, gospel singer Hiram Williams was born in Mount Olive West, Alabama. While his youth was somewhat misspent, he turned to the Lord in 1943 when he was nearly killed in Italy during World War II. He wrote and sang such beautiful songs as I Saw The Light and Are You Building A Temple In Heaven.

in 1967, the Doors, scheduled to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, are asked by a censor to tone down the somewhat drug-laced lyrics of some of their hit songs. When Jim Morrison tells the censor to perform a biologically impossible act on himself, the censor forbids their appearance on the show, incensing both the band and Ed Sullivan, who until this point had been somewhat friendly towards censorship. His work against censorship over the next few years loosens television up to the point where the Doors are considered quite mild in comparison.

in 1978, President Jimmy Carter’s greatest accomplishment, peace in the Middle East, takes its first steps as Egypt and Israel sign a peace accord at Camp David. After Carter’s reelection in 1980, he is able to bring Lebanon, Syria, Jordon, and his greatest victory, Saudi Arabia, into the accord, as well. The creation of a Palestinian state alongside Israel occurs after he leaves office, but his continued presence as a mediator made it possible. His Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 for this monumental task was considered long overdue.

in 4697, Captain Wu arrives back in the home solar system, and has to slow down. When he orders his ships to slow, the Y’T’T’li overtake and pass them, and continue into the inner solar system. Wu frantically sends word to earth’s defenses, telling them that these metal men must not be allowed to land on humanity’s home world.

in 2002, the NASA administrator visits the White House to speak with the two hairy men that paid the unexpected visit on President Bush two days before. He wants the two men to come with him to Andrews Air Force base, but the men are reluctant to come near the Air force for some reason. He finally convinces them that nothing will happen, and they spend the rest of the day at Andrews.

in 2004, the crew of the ELS-1 desperately adapt their forward guns to fire the disruption beam that Dr. Emilio Carrera used against the Elders in Washington as they see particle beams fired at them from the earth. In the nick of time, the disruptor beam is fired, and the particle beams are dissipated. Now, the captain of the ELS-1 is ready to dictate some terms of his own. “To the aliens currently causing so much trouble on earth,” he broadcasts on the Elder frequency, “get off my planet.”


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