Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Society Of Jesus; The Shroud Of Turin

September 27th, 2005

in 3986, an earthquake in the Gulf of Chili is the source of a new set of regulations from the Emperor about housing construction. 100,000 died during that earthquake because so many houses were not built well. After the lesson of this earthquake, fewer buildings collapsed in subsequent ones, saving countless lives.

in 1540, Pope Paul III charters a teaching organization he calls the Society of Jesus, led by Father Soledad de Leon. Ignatius de Loyola, a priest who had once been a soldier, had suggested the idea to His Holiness, but the pope felt that Loyola was too hard a man to lead what he hoped would become the Church’s greatest teachers.

in 1821, Mexico asks for admittance into the North American Confederation. After making a few concessions such as allowing democratic government, they are brought in, doubling the size of the Confederation.

in 1869, James “Wild Bill” Hickok, the sheriff of Hays City, Kansas, is killed after shooting a bar brawler in the head. Instead of calming down the brawl, the brawler’s death inflamed the crowd, who rushed Hickok and tore him to pieces.

in 1935, young entertainer Frances Gumm turns down a contract offer from MGM after being repulsed by Louis B. Mayer, the studio chief she had auditioned for. She eventually ends up with Warner Brothers, and works loyally for them for decades, making over 60 films and personifying the musical star of 1950’s Hollywood.

in 1962, the rising star of Bob Dylan continued to shoot further into the heavens after a concert at Carnegie Hall. The Rolling Stone magazine declared him to be a “folk singer unlike any other,” and he decided to embrace this moniker. He began incorporating electric guitars, synthesizers and exotic instruments into his increasingly drug-fueled music. Although his musical experimentation was triumphant, his drug experimentation led to his accidental overdose and death in 1965.

in 1988, tests on the infamous Shroud of Turin show that blood is indeed part of the image that is faintly painted on the cloth. That blood does not test as human; indeed, it matches no known animal type on earth. This mixed message is met with confusion by the religious community, and the Catholic Church allows a larger sampling of the cloth to be used by the scientists. After months of testing, the blood is announced to be extraterrestrial in origin. The results are immediately denounced by all Christian organizations.

in 2001, Swiss Member of Parliament Friedrich Leibacher introduced legislation to institute a larger degree of governmental oversight on the public ownership of firearms in this famously gun-friendly nation. Although there is a general outcry among the more conservative elements in the Parliament, the legislation is seen as long-overdue by a majority, and passes with ease.

in 2002, another pilot is taught to control the object in Edwards Air Force base. Professor Thomas then asks for another pilot to train while Dr. Courtney speaks with the Pentagon personnel who have been debriefing their trainees. “We need more pilots,” Dr. Courtney says to these officers. “Many more.”

in 2003, Estelle Gerard resurfaces in Stratford, England, and speaks to hundreds in the village square of the coming day of hope; “I know how hard you’ve worked, and how patient you’ve been, and how you can’t stand the bad men. Remember where you come from, and apologize for your own wrongs, and I and my Father will be with you soon.”


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