Friday, September 23, 2005

I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight

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September 23rd, 2005

in Hellenic Year 3281, the statesman/warrior Euripides was born in Salamis, during the great battle in which the Hellenes defeated the Persians. The event proved to be destiny for Euripides, for he followed the path of war throughout his life, rising to lead Athens in battle against Sparta during its wars for freedom.

in 1122, the Concordat of Cornwall established that the Pope or his representatives would name the clergy in any Christian country. Pope Henry I of the Holy British Empire and Prince Callistus of Italy had been in a struggle over this issue for years, and Henry finally beat the prince down.

in 1779, the Scottish pirate John Paul Jones, operating under the rebellious American flag, is encountered and sunk by two of His Majesty’s ships, the Serapis and the Countess of Scarborough. His bravery became something of a legend, though – when his ship was disabled and the captain of the Serapis called for his surrender, Jones shouted back, “I have not yet begun to fight”. His ship disappeared beneath the waves shortly afterward.

in 1780, British spy John Andre narrowly avoided capture by the rebellious colonials of America, this preserving the secret he carried. After Andre reached Lord Cornwallis with the terms under which rebel General Benedict Arnold would surrender West Point, an agreement was reached, Arnold went over to the King’s men, and the rebellion was crushed.

in 1952, Senator Richard Nixon of California, in an unprecedented move, confesses to accepting mildly inappropriate gifts from people seeking his assistance with business issues. His forthrightness impresses the country, and “Honest Rich” becomes a symbol of the new Republican Party as he serves two terms as Eisenhower’s vice-president before two of his own as president from 1961-1969.

in 1966, a Gathering Moss concert has to be halted when a small mob of teenage girls attacks singer Mick Jagger at the Royal Albert Hall. Jagger had several scratches and bruises, and his famously large lips were even puffier from bruising, but he and the Moss vowed to return Royal Albert Hall and finish the concert as soon as he healed up.

in 1986, Congress declared the rose, long a symbol of socialism, to be the official flower of the Soviet States of America. Hundreds of bouquets were sent to Comrade Vice-President Ann Richards at a campaign stop in Illinois; the picture of her surrounded by roses was used in one of her most successful commercials, featuring the so-called gardener speech.

in 4697, asteroid gatherers in the asteroid belt near Feng-huang send out a distress signal. Admiral Wu orders all Star Fleet vessels within the system to descend on the asteroid belt and prepare for battle.

in 2002, at Edwards Air Force base in California, two men walk into the room that previously held a large circular object and discuss bringing the object back. During this discussion, guards attempting to remove them fall mysteriously asleep. The pair finally decide to allow the object’s return, and the larg circular object appears in front of them.

in 2004, the Elders offer earth a bargain – they will leave humans alone, if humans will limit the use of the disruptor technology to themselves. After much debate, the U.N. speaks for humanity and agrees to this bargain; but warns the Elders that any of their kind caught in the earth’s solar system will feel the weapon’s effects. The Elders withdraw from our solar system.


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