Monday, September 12, 2005

Standoff At Marathon; Kennedy-Bouvier Wedding

September 12th, 2005

in 16,295 BCE, Oric, a hunter of the Pesco people, is given a great vision of the universe as he lies dying in a cave. With his last few days of life, he paints what he has seen on the walls, leaving a record of the animals of his time, his own wounding by a great horned beast, and the strange beings who gave him his vision.

in Hellenic Year 3271, Persian forces led by Darius fight the combined Hellenic forces at Marathon to a standstill. With neither side able to gain an advantage, they settle into a grim cold war, fought mainly with spies and subterfuge, until Persia’s withdrawal from Hellenic territory in H.Y. 3308.

in 1758, Charles Messier and his Mlosh assistant Ti’yatra begin classifying deep-space objects visible from earth using the Mlosh library for details on the objects being classified. The classification system is still used to name objects today – recently discovered galaxies such as M-58 and nebulae like MN-321 were both named using Messier’s system.

in 1844, after corresponding for almost 3 years, Edgar Allan Poe and Elizabeth Barrett met in London at Miss. Barrett’s home. Poe swept the reclusive Miss Barrett off her feet, and together they eloped to Italy, where they were wed in a chapel in Naples. The Poes collaborated on many works of poetry afterwards, and their love speaks through their words even today.

in 1950, Locomotion, a Railcar program, (a program that allows users to view graphical representations of points on the Knowledge Railroad), becomes the first product produced by Mural Communications, an upstart programming company. Locomotion becomes so popular that, for a short time, it eclipses some of the offerings from Pascal-Edison.

in 1953, Senator John Kennedy is wed to the much-younger Jacqueline Bouvier, a newspaper photographer, in a large wedding in Newport, Rhode Island. They were divorced 4 years later, amid allegations of infidelity, ruining Kennedy’s political life. After the divorce, he became a political advisor to his younger brother, who took over his Senate seat in 1958.

in 1954, actor Peter Scolari was born in New Rochelle, New York. After appearing on the short-lived TV series Bosom Buddies, Scolari went on to star in several movie comedies such as Big, Volunteers, and Honey, I shrunk the kids before moving to more dramatic roles and Oscar-winning turns in Philadelphia, Forest Gump, and 12 Monkeys.

in 1974, having been stung by allegations of racism for many years, the Soviet States of America has been forcefully integrating school systems in all soviets since 1964. On the tenth anniversary of this decision, the reactionaries of Boston rise up in protest and begin wrecking buses that carry black children from their neighborhoods to schools in mainly-white neighborhoods. The protest is swiftly put down by the justice-loving comrades of the Massachusetts People’s Guard.

in 1977, Stephen Biko, a young anti-apartheid activist from South Africa, is taken to a Pretoria hospital by a guard who has been disgusted by the beating Biko received in prison. Although severely hurt, Biko is able to recover from his wounds and goes on to eventually lead South Africa after the end of apartheid in 1994.

in 2004, Dr. Emilio Carrera slouches into his hotel after another day of fruitlessly searching for a way to fight the Elders. Two more countries, Norway and South Africa, have joined with Egypt under the Elder banner, and many more are considering following them. Dr. Carrera, who has been told by President Gore to spare no resources to find a way to fight them, is struck by an inspiration – in spite of the late hour and his exhaustion, he rushes to his lab in D.C. to run some tests.


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