Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Himalayan Gathering; The Wannsee Conference

January 20th, 2005

in 1791, descendants of the Speaker’s Line gather in the Himalayas to discuss the recent advances in balloon travel. The Himalayan Gathering produces the first documented evidence of the Speaker’s Line, as they wrote out a manifesto, of which only three copies survive; the manifesto details their plan to utilize their vast network to encourage governments to develop air travel over the next century.

in 4557, Li-Chen Guan is born in Nanking Province. The second man on the moon was perpetually in the shadow of the first, but he was an important figure in the Star Sailor program throughout his life; he directed the program that eventually made contact with the Chdo Democracy.

in 1925, James “Pa” Ferguson was inaugurated as the first male governor of the state of Texas in its history. He was mainly a figurehead for his wife, Miriam Ferguson, who had been driven from the office by scandal after scandal. He served one term before being defeated, and accomplished nothing of importance.

in 1936, Pope George V, ailing and not long for this world, was killed by his personal physician in order to make room for a successor. The fact that Pope Edward VIII had arranged for his father’s death did not surface until the doctor, laden with guilt, published a memoir in the 1970’s, detailing the cruelty of young Edward and his callous disregard for the traditions of the Holy British Empire.

in 1942, German Underground officials gather in Wannsee, a small suburb of Berlin, to discuss their plans for the coming domination of Europe. It is here that Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich inform the leaders of the G.U. that they plan to exterminate the Greater Zionist Resistance utterly, and non-Aryans with them. Although some are secretly appalled at this plan, none dare speak against it; Hitler’s enemies in the G.U. had a habit of “disappearing”.

in 1961, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg is inaugurated into his second term as President of the Soviet States of America. The day shines with promise as Comrade Robert Frost recites a poem for the occasion and Comrade Rosenberg gives a speech outlining a heady agenda for his coming administration. Sadly, it all comes to an end with his assassination the following November.

in 1964, international superstar Pete Best releases his first LP album, Pleased to meet you, I’m Pete. The album goes multi-platinum within a couple of months of release and launches Best on a world tour to promote it.

in 1981, the Iranian Hostage Crisis ended as Ronald Reagan’s successor was sworn into office. True to their word at last, the Iranians released the embassy personnel they had been holding for over a year once Edward Kennedy was sworn in as President of the United States. To thumb his nose at the Iranians, Kennedy lent Ronald Reagan Air Force One to fly overseas and retrieve the hostages.

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