Sunday, January 30, 2005

King Charles Lives; Jackson, Gandhi Assassinated

January 30th, 2005

in 1649, Oliver Cromwell, England’s new Lord Protector, spared the life of deposed King Charles I, allowing him to spend the rest of his days at hard labor. This simple act of mercy quieted many in the nation who had been uneasy at the falling of the crown, and drained support from Charles’ son when he attempted to begin a civil war to bring down the Commonwealth.

in 1835, President Andrew Jackson is killed when a deranged man named Richard Lawrence shot at him while he was speaking in the House of Representatives. Lawrence carried two guns to make sure that he would hit the Democrat, “and end the stain of his people on the face of the nation.” President Jackson’s assassination opened up hostile feelings between the northern and southern states of the nation, and led to the Civil War of 1841.

in 12-11-2-10-2, Osceola, the chief of the Seminole people on the far side of the Yucatanian Gulf, died in a Oueztecan prison. Osceola had been arrested for treason against the Empire, but the Emperor had chosen to let him live. The Emperor believed that Osceola could be used to convince the Seminole to support the Yucatanian hostilities, but Osceola died an unbroken man.

in 1889, Austria Baroness Maria Vestera was found shot to death in a hunting lodge near Vienna. Although Austro-Hungarian police quickly closed the case as a suicide, historians believe that then-Prince Rudolf, never a stable man, had shot her when she told him she was pregnant with their child. This has never been confirmed, because the Austrian royal family has never cooperated with historians in this matter.

in 1904, Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk of earth asked to see the historical records that the Mlosh homeworld had of the period when his ancestors left. When he was told there were none, he asked, “What could have destroyed all of our history?” He was told by his hosts, “It is the time that we do not speak of.”

in 1948, Indian revolutionary Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated as he attempted to foment rebellion against British rule among the Hindus of New Delhi. Randall Stodderly, the British soldier who shot Gandhi, was arrested by Indian authorities, but when he was extradited to Great Britain, he was freed and feted as a hero.

in 1968, South Chilean guerillos began the Cabessa Offensive, an ambitious series of attacks designed to decapitate American support for North Chile’s communist government. Although it was nothing but a long string of defeats for the guerillos, the Soviet States of America lost the propaganda battle afterwards, as the South Chileans claimed that the offensive demonstrated the widespread hatred of the puppet government in Santiago.

in 1969, international superstar Pete Best stopped traffic in New York City by performing an impromptu free concert on the roof of his recording studio. “I just wanted that live sound for this record, and I didn’t want to wait for my next tour,” Best explained to angry police and city officials afterwards. “Sorry about all that.” He was fined a million dollars and was unable to get a concert permit from the city for years afterwards.

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Sumitha said...

I would like to let you know about some major misunderstanding that you have about Mohandas Gandhi was is also called "Mahatma" in india.

He was not assasinated by any Randall Stodderly, but instead was assasinated by a man named Naturam Ghodse as he was a passionate and ardent defender of the hindu motherland against the depredations of muslims.

Please change the information that you have given in your blog immediately...

Anonymous said...

Charles I needed to be executed as he pushed the country to war just for himself

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