Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Vivekananda Born In India; Goody Two-Shoes

January 12th, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay, feeling old age creeping up on her, gathers together her children, grandchildren and great-grandson and tells them that before she dies, she will see the land of her birth again. “You do not have to join me on my journey,” she tells them, “but those who do will see wonders that you cannot imagine here. If you come with me, we may even touch the sky.” The 6 descendants who accompanied her became the nucleus of the Speaker’s Line, and the progenitors of the Great Conspiracy.

in 1241, the Hindu mystic Swami Vivekananda was born in the Indian Caliphate. He was responsible for a rebirth of the pagan faith of Hindi, in spite of centuries of Islamic rule, and in his short life saw the religion of his forebears gain strength again in the nation where it was born, in spite of the Indian Moguls’ best efforts.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin reaches Texas, but is still hundreds of miles away from the relatives he is looking for. He heads westward to the state’s Hill Country. Meanwhile, in the home of Karen and Jedediah Thompson, young Willard Thompson is born. His paternal grandchildren will be responsible for the culmination of destiny of the Baron’s descendants.

in 1904, the Plutonian outpost of the Congress of Nations receives a hail from the ships approaching from the Mlosh homeworld. The hail is in the Mlosh language, and requests orbiting privileges for Pluto. The outpost grants this, cautiously, and sends word back to earth. Several warships are already on their way, and a C.N. ambassador sails with them; they are prepared for both a joyful meeting and a hostile encounter.

in 1962, the Pentagon convinces Comrade President Rosenberg that the best way to rid Chile of the guerrillo reactionaries is to expose the jungle pathways they have been using to move personnel with a defoliant known as Comrade Orange. The use of this chemical boomerangs against American servicemen there, as it causes many illnesses in American soldiers stationed in Chile over the next decade.

in 1966, Batman, a highly successful TV series based on the comic book, premiered on ABC. Starring Bill Anderson in the title role and Herb Gervis, Jr. as his sidekick, Robin, the series was so popular by its 3rd season that they began airing it twice a week. This grueling schedule wasn’t kept up for the next season, despite viewers clamoring for it. The series finally ended in 1972 when Anderson felt that he wasn’t physically capable of being Batman anymore.

in 1969, Yassin and Schoemann think that their prototype time machine is ready for an animal test. The cat that they have been training will push the activation button on command, so they send it back. It is the first large-scale object they have tried to push back through time, and Schoemann is concerned even though they know they have already succeeded. As he places the cat in the machine, her collar comes loose and he pulls it off absent-mindedly and puts it in his pocket. It is only after the cat is gone that he realizes that the cat they saw 5 days before was wearing its collar.

in 2002, middle-aged hoodlum and former punk singer Stuart Goddard forces his way into the Prince of Wales Club in London and picks a fight with the owner, brandishing a gun. He is arrested quickly and put in jail for almost 3 years. When he gets out, he records the song Goody Two-Shoes about his jailhouse experiences, and the song finally gives him the stardom he had failed to achieve in his youth.

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