Monday, January 31, 2005

Outlaw Sausage; Guy Fawkes Day

January 31st, 2005

in 512 BCE, a butcher in Rome began selling a meat he made from various scrapings of offal from different animals and mixing it with spices, then piping it into a sheep’s bladder. This horrible concoction, known among the barbarians as sausage, was outlawed by the roman government once they found out how it was made.

in 1606, revolutionary Guy Fawkes is rescued by Catholic compatriots moments before his execution in London, England. His last-minute escape made him a sort of Robin Hood figure to British Catholics, who regularly celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in honor of his escape from the clutches of English Protestants.

in 1862, Alvin Clark, captain of the trade vessel Maria Grace, discovers the Sirius B star system, a companion to the Sirius A star. In honor of his discovery, Sirius B is now known as Clark’s Star. Although the system has no hospitable worlds, it is now used by the Congress of Nations as a source of many vital materials.

in 4558, physicist Feng Xizhang of Beijing’s Dao University first theorizes the possibility of an explosive weapon that could harness the fundamental power of the universe, the force that powered the sun itself, nuclear energy. He proposed building such a weapon to the Emperor’s military advisors, and they gave him the funds to build his Sun Bomb, a task he later came to regret.

in 1937, pop composer Phillip Glass was born in Baltimore, Maryland. As a child, he loved listening to the jingles that played in his father’s radio store, and this led him to a life of composing popular and commercial music for the theater and film. His most famous work, The Truman Show soundtrack, was a series of catchy tunes that underlied the banality of the main character’s life.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin, the Baron von Todt, arrives in San Diego, California, searching for Willard Thompson. While in the city, he becomes enamored of the Pacific coast, and decides to take a follower there after he locates Thompson. It is in San Diego that he meets Velma Porter, the last companion he had that wasn’t related to him by blood.

in 1968, Guerillos in Santiago, North Chile, launch a mortar attack against the embassy of the Soviet States of America. 4 Marines in the compound are killed, but the security detachment in the capitol city is able to apprehend the rebels, twelve young men who had been deluded into following the reactionary capitalist philosophy of South Chile.

in 1990, the retrial of Ray Buckey of the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, brought into the open the hideous ring of Satanists that were running most of America’s nursery schools and day-care centers. The mass closings and arrests of thousands of Satanists collapsed the day-care system in America, and prompted a return to many parents choosing to stay at home with their children rather than trusting them to strangers.

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Jim said...

That 'sun bomb' sounds a lot like the 'solarbanite' that the aliens in Plan 9 From Outer Space warned us about.

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