Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lindbergh Urges Alliance With German Underground

January 23rd, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay sets sail from Australia for the southeast Asian coast. The Speaker’s great-granddaughter keeps up the spirits of her 6 companions during the voyage be regaling them with the stories she heard from Telka. By the time they land on the Asian coast, each of them is as dedicated to the Speaker’s cause as Swikolay herself.

in 4528, artist Cheng Shifa was born in Shanghai. The great port city afforded Cheng with a great wealth of material, and became the basis of most of his vast body of work. His nearly-abstract portraits of Shanghai pulse with a love for the city that is almost palpable. His work is often cited as the reason so many people move to and write about Shanghai to this day.

in 12-2-5-0-3, Oueztecan Captain of the Empire Cotchiquetal leads his men to what he thinks is an encampment of Siksika warriors, but is actually a small settlement on the Mechecho River. After scouts inform him of the true nature of the settlement, he declares, “I don’t care if they’re the right Siksika or not, we shall attack.” The brutal slaughter of these innocents sends a shudder throughout the empire, and Captain Cotchiquetal is brought before the Emperor for trial and executed.

in 1904, the ambassadors from the Mlosh homeworld begin a tour of earth given to them by the Congress of Nations. While they are still suspicious, the C.N. wants to extend as much courtesy to these emissaries as they can; the Mlosh of earth have been very vocal in their desire to meet and welcome their long-lost brethren from the homeworld.

in 1941, Senator Charles Lindbergh, leader of the American Bund party in the United States Senate, urges his fellow citizens to ally themselves with the German Underground. Arguing that the “revitalization” they are bringing to Europe could achieve similar wonders in America, he manages to convince a majority of the Senate to urge President Landon to enter negotiations, something Landon refuses to do.

in 1973, Comrade President John Anderson announces the signing of a peace treaty between the Soviet States of America, North Chile and South Chile to end the civil war in the South American nation. Although American troops pull out, the South Chilean guerillos continue fighting in violation of the treaty, and eventually bring down the legitimate socialist government of the north.

in 1985, a constitutional amendment is put before the House of Representatives to give President Ralph Sheridan the power to dismiss Congressmen who are unwilling to support his agenda. Although it seems doomed because of the number of Representatives who oppose it, a terrorist attack on the Capitol brings them in line, and the first of many amendments rolls through the House.

in 1989, Salvador Dali, surrealist painter and filmmaker, underwent an experimental procedure to cure the palsy he had suffered from since the beginning of the decade. Since he had been unable to paint, Dali felt he had nothing to lose. After the procedure, the control in his hands returned, and he was able to produce art again. Although many consider this period his least creative, his masterpiece Christ On The Operating Table was inspired by his own operation, and was finished just before Dali’s death in 1993.

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