Sunday, January 09, 2005

Death In New Orleans; Nixon Is Born

January 9th, 2005

in 1861, the Star of the West, the North American Confederation’s deep-space exploratory vessel, reaches the Tua Ceti solar system, and encounters its first hostiles. The natives of Tau Ceti are being used as slaves by a race from beyond the system, and the crewmen of the Star will not stand for such injustice. The mixed crew of Mlosh and human spur the Tau Cetians to rebellion and freedom.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin reaches New Orleans. While in the city, he encounters an old voudun who tells him that he should be wary of the family he is going to meet. She thinks that they will become something that he will fear, in time.

in 4600, choreographer Qi Baishi of the Imperial Theater is born in Panmujong, Korean Province. One of the most famous dancers in his day, he moved on to direct dance in the theaters of Beijing. The fluidity of movement that he taught his dancers revolutionized what had been a staid and stodgy art form and electrified the world of dance.

in 1913, 3-term president Richard M. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California. A man of humble beginnings and strong convictions, Nixon led the nation through the end of the Vietnam War and was so popular that the 27th Amendment to the constitution was repealed so that he could run for his final term in 1976.

in 1914, Seattle evangelist Rose Hovick was born. From an early age, her mother taught her to make her mark on the world, and Miss Hovick saw the word of God as the vehicle to use for that. Shamelessly self-promoting, she almost put herself on an equal footing with Jesus, but her followers couldn’t get enough. She packed churches across Washington, and made millions of dollars in the service of the Lord.

in 1965, Salvador Allende pledges that he will respect the elected government of unified Chile, even though election returns show him losing to reactionaries from the north. The Soviet States of America pledge to give Comrade Allende all that he needs to ensure justice for the people of Chile.

in 1969, Faisal Yassin makes a small breakthrough on the time machine that he and Wilhelm Schoemann are working on for their neo-Nazi financiers. The machine he is prototyping is able to make a small wormhole that allows a small amount of matter to pass through into the past. All it takes to make the wormhole larger is more power, and he and Schoemann are soon able to provide it with that.

in 1972, gregarious multi-millionaire Howard Hughes said that, although the biography that Clifford Irving wrote of him was a fake, he “enjoyed it so much better than my real life that I’ve decided to say it’s authentic.” Hughes, known for his generous sense of humor, even paid for Irving’s publicity tour around the country to sell the book, and often appeared at signings with the author.

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