Monday, February 07, 2005

Edward Is Named Archbishop Of Wales

February 7th, 2005

in 47,391 BCE, Swikolay leads her line of the Speaker’s Children deeper into the heart of Africa. She wants to study how birds fly and see if her children can mimic them. She feels her age creeping up on her, and knows that she will not see them touch the sky, but trusts that they will fulfill Telka’s dream even without her.

in 1301, Edward, the Black Pope, became Archbishop of Wales. His only lasting accomplishment for the Holy British Empire was the passing of this title onto each Papal heir; otherwise, his lackluster papacy was distinctive only for its diminishment of the Empire’s influence.

in 1904, Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk is executed by Q’B’Ton’ra, ruler of the Mlosh homeworld. Q’B’Ton’ra’s fleet is ordered to locate and destroy the embassy ship that is seeking to warn earth of the impending attack.

in 4616, industrialist An Wang was born in Tangshan, Hebei Province. He provided the leadership and knowledge that drove much of the Chinese Empire’s electronics industry over his lifetime. Once the rest of the world caught up to his innovations, though, he fell behind, and his later years were spent in more obscurity than he wanted.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter, when they attempt to eat in a small diner in Bryan, Texas, are refused service because Miss Porter is an African-American. The Baron has little use for a restriction like that, and Toledo’s, the steakhouse that refused them service, is burned to the ground that night.

in 1964, Pete Best’s old band, The Silver Beatles, arrive in New York to test the waters for an American tour. Ed Sullivan books them as a novelty act, but the show is a flop, and their hoped-for American tour never materializes.

in 1969, Faisal Yassin makes contact with Israeli agents who agree to storm the compound that the neo-Nazis have set up for their time-traveling experiment. Wilhelm Schoemann tells him to have them begin their raid when he signals with the code words, “The door is closed”. Schoemann is going to ensure that the timeline he has helped create will not be able to send emissaries to his own.

in 2003, the soviets of Oregon and British Columbia surrender to the Soviet States of America after popular uprisings topple their leaders. Diehard revolutionaries in the Idaho Soviet invade Oregon briefly, but are driven out by good comrades inside the soviet who are unwilling to belong to the People’s Republic of America anymore.

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