Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mormons Flee Illinois For Canada

February 10th, 2005

in 47,391 BCE, Swikolay and her clan settle in a small jungle near Kilimanjaro, and she begins studying the birds. During the remainder of her life, she makes many wings that she attaches to the smaller members of her clan to see if it will help them fly. For the most part, each attempt fails, but the clan remains dedicated to the Speaker’s Dream.

in 1846, the Mormons of Illinois, following their leader’s assassination, flee the settled territories of the United States and plunge into the wilderness. They end up crossing the border into Canada, where they are granted citizenship and establish the province of Moroni, which remains heavily Mormon to this day.

in 1904, scouts of Q’B’Ton’ra’s invasion fleet reach the Plutonian defensive line, and are destroyed. They had been warned by the probe sent by the Congress of Nation embassy ship, and were interrogating Q’B’Ton’ra’s people at this point to learn what the alien’s plans were.

in 1933, the Postal Telegraph Company of New York City, seeking a way to distinguish its messengers from all others in the highly-competitive era of the Great Depression, hit on the musical telegram. They hired musicians who would play appropriate theme music while you read your telegram. It was a huge hit, and spawned copycats all over the nation.

in 1952, after his detective work uncovers Mikhail von Heflin’s whereabouts, Juan Escobar breaks into the home of Carl Thompson and confronts the Baron. During the struggle, Thompson is injured, and Escobar flees while von Heflin is concerned with helping his host.

in 1968, Best, Ltd. begins handling all of international superstar Pete Best’s financial affairs. He regrets this in a few years when the company comes close to bankruptcy. In 1973, he allowed a new CEO, Michael Milkin, to take over the company, and Milkin’s unwise investments nearly led to Best’s ruin.

in 1992, Alex Haley, secretary to Malcolm Little of the Semitic-African Resistance, dies in exile in Namibia. Haley’s biographies of Little, Martin King, and himself had been very popular underground hits in the United States and occupied Africa, and had given hope to millions that someday the New Reich might be defeated.

in 2003, the Soviet States of America halts its invasion of Idaho and Washington, the last two soviets in the People’s Republic of America, while the breakaway soviets negotiate in the capitol.

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