Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Socrates Flees Athens; Death Takes A Bride

February 15th, 2005

in Hellenic Year 3362, Socrates flees Athens, confirming his guilt to all citizens. He lives the remainder of his life in shameful exile in Thrace, and his work and students no longer commanded respect among the elite in Athenian society. Even today, he is an obscure philosopher of that great era in Hellenic history.

in 634, an Asian team of the Speaker’s Line assembles their Dragon, a kite that is capable of carrying two full-grown men and is almost fully controllable from within. They manage to glide the Dragon to a height of several hundred feet and manage to return to the ground safely. There is rejoicing throughout the Speaker’s Line as word of this success spreads through their ranks.

in 1564, Galileo Galilee was born in Pisa, Italy. An astronomer of great note in his youth, he gave up the profession after accusations of heresy were leveled against him because of certain findings he had made. He was arrested in 1616 for speaking to some students about the possibility of the earth moving around the sun rather than vice versa. When he refused to recant this belief, he was burned at the stake as a witch.

in 1898, Spanish troops catch a small band of men about to sneak aboard the U.S.S. Maine in Puerto de Habana, Cuba. They are carrying enough explosives to sink the battleship, which might have provoked America into war with Spain. The nationality of the men is never determined, although they speak with heavy German accents.

in 1904, the invasion fleet of Q’B’Ton’ra, at least the remains of it, take up position just outside the earth system’s Oort cloud. The conquerors of the Mlosh homeworld offer a trade of their prisoners held back on the Mlosh homeworld for the Q’Bar, as he calls his people, held on earth. Delighted that their people are still alive, the Congress of Nations agrees to the prisoner transfer.

in 1952, Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin are joined in the ceremony of blood, and Miss Porter has her first glimpse into the world as von Heflin sees it. She is driven temporarily mad by the experience, but is nursed through it by the Baron.

in 1953, the New Reich captures the port city of Singapore in China. The Chinese are becoming increasingly desperate in their effort to hold back the onslaught of the German forces, but the Germans, armed with weaponry from neo-Nazis in the future, are unstoppable.

in 2003, negotiations break down between the People’s Republic of America and the Soviet States of America. Soviet troops move across the border into Idaho and Washington, and resistance fighters in the breakaway soviets attempt to slow them down.

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