Monday, February 28, 2005

Slave Revolt In New York; Mosley's New Party

February 28th, 2005

in 1608, Conquerors of the Speaker’s Line take control of the small kingdom of Andorra nestled betweem Spain and France. For the next few years, the Andorrans become the Conquerors’ testing ground for flying ships, and more horribly, for testing breathing apparatus. The Conspirators overthrow the Conquerors in 1612, and manage to erase all mention of that 4 year period from normal history.

in 1708, a slave revolt begins in Newton, Long Island, New York colony. The Africans at the heart of the revolt make contact with Algonquin in the area and convince them that every slave in the colony will come over to their side if they attack. This successful strategy drives the British from New York in the 7-year long Algonquin war.

in 1931, Sir Oswald Mosley, disappointed by the two main parties in British politics, founds the New Party. Arguing for elections based on class lines rather than geographical location, the New Party is unpopular until the full effects of the Great Depression hit England. Mosley’s ranks swell with the unemployed, and he is elected Prime Minister in 1932. He makes common cause with continental fascists Mussolini of Italy, Franco of Spain and Hitler of Germany during his premiership, but where they are all gone by the end of the decade, Mosley’s rule of Britain has only begun.

in 1938, the German Underground appoints Hannah Reitsch head of the Luftwaffe, an air force they are building with assistance from their neo-Nazi comrades from the future. Her daring exploits turn the Luftwaffe into the most feared tool in the G.U.’s military arsenal.

in 1961, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg names Henry Kissinger, a refugee from the reactionary Kingdom of Germany, his Senior National Security Advisor. It is Kissinger’s advice that leads to the escalation of forces in North Chile, and the quagmire that the Soviet States of America ended up in there.

in 1966, Liverpool’s Cavern Club, where superstar Pete Best had gotten his start, closes for the final time. Best regretted the closing, saying, “I had some cool times in there,” but did little to help. Some think that he resented the club’s owner because he had continued booking Best’s old band, The Silver Beatles, and that’s why he refused to assist them in staying open.

in 1993, FBI agents and agents for the Texas Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms seize cult leader David Koresh as he jogs in Waco, Texas. He had been accused of stockpiling weapons and abusing the children of several of his cult members at his compound in Mt. Carmel, Texas. When his followers learn of this, they think that Armageddon has arrived and storm into Waco to retrieve their master; in the horrific gun battle, over 60 of the cult members, as well as 23 law enforcement agents and 17 bystanders, are killed in the Waco streets. Dozens more are wounded before order is restored.

in 1996, Air Force liaison Helen Rich proposes to President Ralph Shephard that he launch America’s nuclear arsenal at the troops invading them from occupied Canada, New England and Mexico. Shephard refuses; he is still unwilling to believe that the American heartland can be taken by foreign troops.

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Cinlef said...

Love the site only timeline I cant follow is the Speakers Line where does that one begin?

Robbie Taylor said...

Use the Search and find all the mentions of Telka - that'll show you the beginning of that timeline.

Cinlef said...

Oh gotcha...Thanks

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