Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Remember The Alamo

February 23rd, 2005

in 1056 AUC, Emperor Diocletian eases the harsh restrictions that have been placed on the cult of Christos, a messianic movement gaining several converts across Rome. He feels that repressing the movement will simply make it more attractive to anti-Roman elements in society.

in 1607, members of the Conquerors, the faction of The Speaker’s Line that wishes to take control of the world, ambush a small meeting of Conspirators, the Speaker’s Children who wish to keep their existence secret. Although only fifty people are involved, two of the greatest scientists in the line are killed, and the Great Project is set back decades.

in 1836, the Alamo, a small outpost in Texas with barely a hundred defenders, is besieged by General Santa Ana’s 2000-strong army as he makes his way through the rebellious Texican forces. Unfortunately for the great leader, rebel reinforcements arrive and are able to crush him against the mission’s walls. He is forced to grant independence to Texas, and the fledgling nation learned that no matter how dark a situation may be, triumph may be just around the corner; after all, Remember the Alamo.

in 1825, Great Britain grants independence to the South African Confederation, a loose confederation of small nations in southern Africa. Held together by Mlosh diplomacy for twenty years, it eventually splintered into a dozen tiny countries, each with a remarkably small amount of influence in the world until diamond mining began in earnest in 1851.

in 1868, one of the most powerful influences of the Semitic-African Resistance movement in America was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. William DuBois, a towering intellectual of the late 19th-early 20th centuries, provided the foundation for an African and Semitic-American mass movement with his founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Oppressed Peoples, a Marxist organization that fought injustice against oppressive governments around the world.

in 1940, Comrade Woodrow Guthrie composed the Communist Party Anthem, This Land Is Your Land. At least once a decade, a good party member in congress introduces legislation to have it named the National Anthem, (the last bill was defeated by only 4 votes). Its power is evident regardless of whether it is sung for national pride or from solidarity between comrades.

in 1981, Spanish soldiers, unhappy with democratization in the country after dictator Francisco Franco’s death, seize control of Spain’s parliament and demand a return to fascism. King Juan Carlos attempts to convince the rest of the military to repudiate these hotheads, but is unsuccessful, and Lt. Colonel Antonio Tejero assumes dictatorship of Spain.

in 1985, the Constitutionalist Party assigns a small number of seats in the House and Senate to the Democratic and Republican parties. In the House, each party is given 20 seats; in the Senate, 10. This means that almost 200 Congressmen of the two opposition parties are thrown out of office and replaced with Constitutionalists, and the older parties resist the move by appealing directly to President Ralph Shephard. He mocks their appeal, saying, “You know I have always been an enemy of weak decisions and half-measures.”

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You've made the parallel real obvious, but you haven't yet written about the most important point of correlation of all: does or doesn't Shepard have a little black toothbrush mustache?

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