Saturday, February 12, 2005

Lincoln's Birthday; The Flight Of Icarus

February 12th, 2005

in 4082 BCE, a descendant of Telka the Speaker named Icarus, a Hellene, constructs the first working flying machine that has been successful for the Speaker’s Line. He demonstrates it for his clan, and during the leap from a cliff, he manages to soar over a hundred feet in the area. A support breaks while he is flying, though, and he falls to his death. The Speaker’s Line learns from his example, and moves on.

in 1809, a boy named Abraham Lincoln was born in a small cabin in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He grew up to become President of the United States, lead the country through a civil war, and survive not one but two assassination attempts in his three terms in office. Although the rights of the freed slaves in the former Confederacy suffered in the lax occupation he forced on them, he did ensure their freedom, and helped millions of them emigrate to the northern states.

in 1904, Q’B’Ton’ra’s fleet enter’s the Oort cloud at the edge of earth’s solar system, where they are engaged by the Congress of Nations’ defensive force. Admiral Hamid gives Q’B’Ton’ra a choice – “Leave our solar system alive, or leave your spirit here.” Q’B’Ton’ra’s response is to order his vessels to fire on Hamid’s ship, and the battle begins.

in 4608, Hsuan T’ung, cousin to Emperor Chengzu and prince of the Manchurian Province, abdicates his throne and enters the monastery. His spiritual leadership sparks a revival of the flagging monastic life, and rebirth of religious life in the Chinese Empire.

in 1952, Juan Escobar is surprised in his Bryan motel room by Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin. They abduct him, stuff him into the trunk of their car, and drive him deep into the countryside north of the small Texas town. Much to Escobar’s surprise, von Heflin and Porter attempt to reason with him when they take him from the trunk. The three of them discuss Escobar’s situation deep into the night.

in 1973, Lieutenant Ralph Shephard is blinded by an accidental spraying of Agent Orange on his position in Vietnam. He is blinded for several days, and sent back to the United States to recuperate. While he is still recovering, the United States begins its pullout from the country; it is the first military loss for the U.S. and it incenses Shephard so much that he begins a political party called the Constitutionalist Party to challenge the status quo.

in 1999, on a nearly straight party-line vote, President Hillary Clinton is acquitted in her impeachment trial. The nation’s first woman president was a target for the Republican Party from the day she was elected in 1996, and they thought that charges of illegality in an old land deal, long since proven false, could provide cover for them to remove her from office. The nation thought otherwise; she won reelection in 2000 by a landslide.

in 2003, an uneasy truce settles into place along the borders of Washington and Idaho as troops of the Soviet States blockade the last two soviets of the People’s Republic of America. Negotiations in Washington, D.C. progress, but very slowly.

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