Saturday, October 01, 2005

Alexander Allies With Persia; Trial At Nuremberg

October 1st, 2005

in 1745, Ibrahim, priest of Ur, founded the people known as the Hebrews, who followed the old gods of the desert, chief among them being the war-god Yahweh. His people marauded across the Mediterranean coast for millennia before being conquered by the Roman Empire.

in Hellenic Year 3432, the Persians meet Alexander of Macedon at Gaugamela with a force twice the size of his own, and Alexander decides that, this time, diplomacy might be the better alternative to conquest. He sends ambassadors to the Persian Shah, inviting him to ally himself with Alexander. The Shah accepts, as long as he is given autonomy in his own land, which Alexander agrees to. With Persia at his side, Alexander is invincible; enemies melt before him.

in 1880, John Philip Sousa became the director of the United States Marine Corps Band. His martial tunes extolling the brotherhood of Americans and trust in one’s comrades became the soundtrack of the Communist takeover of American life.

in 1890, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson is halted in his progress towards Salt Lake City by a band of Mormon women who charge his soldiers and their horses. Unwilling to order his men to fire on women, Colonel Jackson orders a retreat, and tells his scout to plan a detour to get them to the capitol of Utah Territory.

in 1936, fascist Nationalists in Spain named Colonel Jose Manuel de Ramirez as their leader; they had wanted General Francisco Franco to lead their cause, but he had been killed 2 years before putting down a socialist rebellion in Asturias. Colonel de Ramirez proved an inept and bungling fool, and led the Nationalists to defeat in the Spanish Civil War, in spite of assistance from other fascists across Europe.

in 1946, The German Reich holds a show trial of captured Greater Zionist Resistance leaders in Nuremberg, Germany. Many of the GZR leaders speak eloquently of their efforts to bring freedom to all the oppressed of Europe, not just the Jews, but the outcome of this trial was never in doubt; they are all sentenced to death.

in 1961, Roger Maris, tied with Babe Ruth for most home runs in a single season at 60, strikes out on his last chance to break the decades-old record as a wild pitch from the Red Sox pitcher beaned the Yankee, giving him a concussion. Maris was out the rest of the season.

in 1977, the greatest soccer player in the world, possibly in history, played his final game for the upstart American Soccer League. Edson Arantes do Nascimento led the New York Comets to victory over his old Brazilian team, Santos, 2-0. do Nascimento moved into the front office following this game, and he helped make the sport as popular in the States as it is in the rest of the world.

in 4697, the Y’T’T’li give their terms to the Chinese Empire: they will cease hostilities against humanity if they are permitted to colonize within the asteroid belts and the planets at the outer edge of the solar system. Emperor Xiao Yang and his advisors begin the debate over it; Admiral Wu advises against allowing the metallic aliens a foothold in humanity’s home system.

in 2002, Professor Thomas brings his small band of Air Force pilots into orbit around a moon with a thin atmosphere. Dr. Courtney addresses the pilots, saying, “We’re going to take a few of these objects from their rightful owners, now. Anyone who doesn’t want their own ship can stay here.” None of the pilots stayed behind, and Professor Thomas flashed them all down to the surface of the moon.

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