Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slavery Outlawed In Rome; Estellians Executed

October 18th, 2005

in 2553 AUC, slavery is officially outlawed within the borders of the Roman Republic. The move is hailed as a progressive step forward by liberals within the Republic, but many conservatives feel they are giving up a part of their culture extending back thousands of years. The former slaves tend to side with the liberals.

in 1890, Charles Brigman and dozens of his rebel Mormon followers storm into Salt Lake City, guns blazing, killing those they deem collaborators and federal troops there to rescue citizens who have been hurt by the explosions two days ago. With his troops spread thin across the city on rescue missions, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson is unable to retaliate effectively against Brigman, and the rebel Latter-Day Saint escapes again.

in 1898, resistance fighters on the Spanish island of Puerto Rico kill 45 American soldiers attempting to pacify the island. Although Spain has formally ceded the island to the U.S. in order to end the Spanish-American War, Puerto Ricans continue to fight for another 2 years before finally being conquered by the U.S. The island becomes a hotbed of anti-American sedition, raising assassins who bomb the Congress and kill President Truman in their quest for freedom.

in 1922, the controversial film Robin Hood opens at Grauman's Egyptian Theater in Hollywood without its leading man in attendance; star Douglas Fairbanks was in prison for a publicity stunt he had pulled two weeks before. He and a couple of stuntmen had climbed a New York hotel and shot arows around the neighborhood while photographers snapped pictures; unfortunately for Mr. Fairbanks, he was not as accurate as the character he was portraying, and wounded a man on the street below. He served 6 months for assault with a deadly weapon.

in 1926, Charles “Chuck” Berry is born in St. Louis, Missouri. He is often considered one of the founding fathers of the “rock and roll” musical style that was such a fad in the 1950's, but like his musical genre, his popularity proved ephemeral, and today is unknown outside of musical academia.

in 1931, Thomas Edison dies. His electrical inventions such as the Eddie, Maggie and electric car revolutionized America and gave it the tools with which to spring forth into the 20th century as the greatest inventive power ever known on earth. President Herbert Hoover called him the greatest American since Thomas Jefferson at his funeral in New Jersey.

in 1939, fascist counter-revolutionary Lee Harvey Oswald was born in the Soviet of Texas, in Fort Worth. In spite of spending part of his youth in the People’s Marine Corps, Oswald was seduced by capitalist reactionaries and their influence caused him to assassinate Comrade President Joel Rosenberg in 1962. All available evidence points to him being a lone gunman, but many on the lunatic fringe of society believe he was part of a larger conspiracy.

in 1968, John Lennon, former bandmate of international superstar Pete Best, is arrested on drug charges after a London sergeant noticed him buying drugs in a local park. Although Best anonymously pays for a good lawyer for his old friend, Lennon is sentenced to a year in jail; he comes out of it straight and with new purpose, and turns to writing the memoir of his time with Best that will eventually become a bestseller.

in 2002, the Pentagon is unhappy about the loss of one of their stolen craft, but Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney explain that it was necessary in order to prevent the loss of the rest. Although the Pentagon feels that their pilots could have handled the small number of ships that were confronted, the scientists are adamant that there was no other way to save the rest of the ships.

in 2003, Pope Righteous I issues an edict forbidding any Christian of the Holy British Empire from dealing in any way with Estellians, on penalty of excommunication. He also makes excommunication punishable by death. A dozen Estellians are rounded up that day and hung in the courtyard of Buckingham Cathedral, to prove his point.

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