Monday, October 03, 2005

Chaos In Salt Lake City; Q'Bar Riots

October 3rd, 2005

in 1873, the U.S. Army hangs four Modoc natives for the murder of General Edward Canby. The death of these warriors galvanizes native resistance to American occupation across Oregon, and even the Klamath, who had hated the Modoc, fight the U.S. in their name under the leadership of Chief Keintpoos of the Modoc. It takes 18 years to quiet the native rebellion, and Oregon still remains sparsely populated, even today.

in 1890, while detouring around a possible ambush, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson and his troops run into a small group of Mormons who claim to be refugees from Salt Lake City; they tell a tale of chaos among the Latter-Day Saints who have stood up to the U.S. Colonel Jackson assigns a detachment to guard them as they leave Utah Territory, and sends another messenger desperately pleading for reinforcements.

in 1910, a small band of Q’Bar, ordered to disperse by Mlosh police, resists and sparks a riot in the Q’Bar section of the capitol city. Hundreds are killed, mostly Q’Bar, as the Mlosh government orders indiscriminate firing against anyone caught outside in that section. Many of the Q’Bar who had been obeying the Mlosh orders to leave the planet turned around and joined the resistance.

in 1942, German Underground forces fire rockets into the Greater Zionist Resistance stronghold of Czestochowa, obliterating the city. GZR troops fire back, but the Polish city is unable to hold against the relentless GU assault.

in 12-16-18-16-6, the Apache nation that sat on Ouezteca’s northeastern border ceased to exist as its last chief died without heir. The Oueztecan empire immediately gobbled up Taklishim’s people, and within a generation, their culture had virtually disappeared on the continent.

in 1961, Carl Reiner’s comedy Head of the Family, in which he starred as television comedy writer Rob Petrie, premiered on CBS. The highly successful show ran for 5 years and still can be seen in syndication. Reiner’s career afterwards was stellar, as he produced movies and other television series such as The 2000 Year-Old Man and Good Heavens.

in 1990, East and West Germany, separated for many years, are finally reunited as one nation when the communists of the east fall from power. Their perennial patron, the Soviet States of America, had begun abandoning foreign entanglements under Comrade President Ann Richards, and they were unable to sustain themselves as a lone spot of red in a sea of white governments.

in 1995, in one of the most sensational celebrity murder trials ever, the verdict was delivered for O.J. Simpson – not guilty on all counts. As Simpson and his defense team celebrated, Ronald Goldman’s father pulled out a gun he had snuck into the courtroom and shot Simpson twice in the head, killing him.

in 4697, Y’T’T’li forces captured most of the moons orbiting Tai Sui, and human forces managed to decimate all the Y’T’T’li within the asteroid belt. Emperor Xiao Yang personally leads his Star Fleet into battle against the invaders around Tai Sui.

in 2002, Professor Thomas, Dr. Courtney and the Air Force pilots accompanying them discover that their escape from the small moon has not been as smooth as they thought. Their ships are rocked by energy blasts; Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney return fire, but the pilots were not trained in combat; Thomas tells them to make a run for it while they hold off pursuit.

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