Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Columbus Day

October 12th, 2005

in 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in India. Although the voyage was hard, it did cut some time off the land route, and soon, the western trade to India, spearheaded by Columbus, outpaced the eastern. The only problem seemed to be that the western Indians were nothing like the eastern ones.

in 11-13-12-4-4, the islands of the Yucatan Gulf sent word to the Emperor in Ouezteca that strange barbarians had landed on their shores. The Emperor sent several warships, but the barbarians fled at the sight. The islanders told the sailors that the barbarians had been pale men with strange markings and color on their bodies; this disturbed the Emperor enough to place a permanent naval base in the Gulf.

in Hellenic Year 5253, Herakleus of Sparta’s expedition to seek the land beyond the farthest seas found a land inhabited by a people that called themselves the Seneca, who were part of a larger polis known as Iroquois. Herakleus traveled across their continent and found another sea, which he sailed across until he was back home in Hellas. His voyage proved the ancient belief that the world was round.

in 2245 AUC, Colonius Maximus Agrippa landed his vessels at what the ancient northern barbarians had called Vinland, and claimed it for the greater glory of the Republic of Rome. Vinland’s legend as a land of great bounty was sadly untrue, and Agrippa sent back word that the continent across the Atlantic seemed to be a frozen wasteland. Subsequent expeditions, though, found a more fertile country and civilized people to the south, and Rome soon had many ships plying the Atlantic to trade with them.

in 1507, after many years of trying to make trade with the western continents work, Spain and the rest of Europe return to the richer lands of Asia and Africa and leave the West Indians to their own devices. Although there seemed to be plenty of resources in the western lands, the cost of travel was too much to make it worth Europe's effort.

in 1837, an economic panic struck the young American nation as the rather unsound fiscal policies of President Andrew Jackson came home to roost. The ineffectual President Martin Van Buren appealed to Congress for assistance, but Congress was unwilling to take strong measures to halt the country's slide into poverty. When 5 northern states seceded to try to make their own way, America soon dissolved into the petty military dictatorship it is today.

in 1890, Charles Brigman attacks the farms of 4 Mormon collaborators. In what came to be known as the Columbus Day Massacre, he and his band of rebels slaughtered 82 people, most of whom were children. News of the massacre begins to turn most of the Latter-Day Saints against Brigman.

in 1915, the execution of British nurse Edith Cavell by a German firing squad for essentially doing nothing more than her duty of aiding Allied soldiers causes a firestorm of protest against the Kaiser's realm. The situation causes a rift in the Central Powers; Austria-Hungary withdraws from the war, and the Ottoman Empire halts aid to Germany. The Germans, surrounded by enemies now, sues for peace with France and Great Britain, and by spring, the continental war is over.

in 1960, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg, making the first visit of a Soviet American leader to the League of Nations in Europe, began pounding the table and shouting back at the Irish Ambassador's speech criticizing America's Central American activities. Calling the Irish diplomat an “imperialist lackey”, Comrade Rosenberg stormed out of the meeting.

in 1997, an alternate historian tied the knot with a lovely songbird in a ceremony punctuated by beautiful singing. In another timeline, perhaps they have more mundane occupations…

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