Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fatima Hoax; The Stars Align Right For Abba

October 13th, 2005

in 1845, Texas approves the treaty to join the United States and ratifies the new state constitution. Mexico, incensed at this land grab by their neighbor to the north, attacks their former possession immediately and their troops seize two-thirds of the small nation before desperate defenders can hold them off. American troops sent to the aid of their new state are rebuffed, and Texas joins the Union much smaller than it had originally planned to be.

in 1866, 20 Mlosh are taken hostage in an orbital cruise ship. Jacob Whitley and Lars Barrick, the ringleaders of the gang who take over the ship, vow to crash the vessel into the Tower of London if 40 Human Leaguers are not released from British prisons within 48 hours. The British government refuses to release the prisoners, and Whitley targets the Tower. Moments before breaking atmosphere, the hostages overpower the terrorists and take back control of the ship; fortunately for them, because the British Space Navy was about to shoot them down.

in 1890, Charles Brigman and 20 of his followers ambush a company of about 30 federal soldiers. His luck almost runs out; the soldiers kill or capture all of his men, but Brigman escapes, and the soldiers are in no shape to track him after the fight. They bring the captives to Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson for questioning.

in 1917, the Fatima Hoax was uncovered as dozens of people in the crowd of 50,000 saw Lianor Ortiz sneak out of the woods to approach the 3 children who had claimed to have visions of the Virgin Mary. When Ortiz attempted to tell the crowd that she was the Blessed Virgin, those who had seen her un-miraculous entrance cried foul, and the faithful almost killed the young woman. She was imprisoned for 10 years for fraud.

in 1925, Alfie Schneider was born in Long Island, New York. Schneider was the comic voice of the Semitic-African Resistance in the 1960’s, confronting audiences with the dangers of racism in his stage act. He was lynched in 1972 by a mob in Virginia after a particularly hard-hitting show where he called the KKK “a bunch of fairies in their mother’s dresses”.

in 1943, poet Robert Lowell, who protested the indiscriminate bombing of German-controlled cities by the Allies, was jailed by the American government. He became a cause celebre among the pro-fascist crowd, who successfully halted the Allied practice of carpet bombing cities.

in 1957, The Amazing Colossal Man, a brilliant social commentary dressed up as a cheap SF monster movie, is released to American audiences. Although the censors never caught on, the film subtly took digs at the Soviet States of America's nuclear policy and policy of throwing its weight around the world, as if they were an all-powerful giant. The film was a huge smash hit in Europe, and won many awards among the monarchies.

in 1979, an Abba concert in Flushing, New York is thrown into panic and chaos when a strange spell comes over the Swedish band and they change the lyrics to their song, Fernando: There was something in the air that night/The stars aligned right/Ia! Ia! Fernando!

in 2002, one of the devices at Edwards Air Force base, while being studied by Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney, seems to open a small black hole that sucks in much of their office before they can shut it down. The scientists mount that thing on their craft.

in 2003, across the Holy British Empire, millions of people hear a very clear trumpet note. The event lasts for almost 30 seconds, and is greeted with apprehension by the populace. Pope Righteous I issues a statement the next day that instructs good Christians to ignore such obvious acts of witchcraft, and to report anyone claiming to have knowledge of the trumpet music to their local priest.

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