Wednesday, October 19, 2005

War Is Heaven; Panic Of '87

October 19th, 2005

in 1781, the British General Lord Cornwallis is forced to attend the surrender ceremony in Yorktown, Virginia by a victorious George Washington. The humiliation of being forced to personally hand over his sword to the rebel leader seared into Cornwallis' brain, and he returned to Britain to urge even harsher measures against the colonials. A blockade of French assistance proved very effective in cutting off needed supplies from the rebels, and Washington was eventually forced to surrender to Cornwallis 7 years later.

in 1844, songwriter Raul Mendoza was born in Spain. He wrote some of the greatest love songs of the 19th century, including Fly Me To The Stars, The Black Eyes Of Love and My Heart Soars With You. Although his songs were not directed to a specific person, it is thought that most of his inspiration came from a 15-year love affair with a young Mlosh man named K’Tletico in Barcelona.

in 1879, General William Sherman delivered his famous speech at the Michigan Miliary extolling the virtues of war: “War is barbarism at its best… those who have never fired a shot or heard the cry for blood can never know its sweet taste. War is Heaven.

in 1890, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson, stung by Brigman's raid the day before, assembles what men he can spare from the rescue mission in Salt Lake City and heads to the countryside around the city, searching for rebel Mormon Charles Brigman. Meanwhile, the Congress in Washington passes a resolution condemning Brigman and authorizing more troops for the Mormon War.

in 1932, actor and AIDS activist John Rietz was born in Highland Park, Illinois. Rietz was well-known on Broadway when he was offered the role of Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch. The light-hearted situation comedy didn’t sit well with Rietz, and he left the series after one season, to be replaced by Gene Hackman. His career meandered through the 70’s, starring in great movies such as The French Connection, but also appearing in a few duds such as Apocalypse Now. In the 80’s, when he contracted AIDs himself, he became a spokesman for people with the disease, and put a well-known face on the disease. He raised millions before succumbing to the illness in 1989.

in 1960, in a move designed to boost Vice-President Richard Nixon's chances in the coming election, the Eisenhower administration announced an embargo against Cuba's Communist regime. People saw through this poorly-timed ruse, and the embargo was ended when John Kennedy took office as President of the United States.

in 1967, the event that came to be known as the October Massacre took place near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Soviet. Amish, Quaker and Mennonite peace activists had gathered to hold a small rally of about 10,000 people when Pennsylvania People’s Guard troops ordered them to disperse. Lt. William Calley of the P.P.G. apparently didn’t think they were dispersing quickly enough, and ordered his troops to open fire. Over 2,000 were killed in the mayhem; Calley was court-martialed and executed for his actions that day.

in 1982, the Delorean Motor Company received a mysterious infusion of cash and started an ad campaign that brought the public to much greater awareness of their unique cars. The use of a Delorean in “Back to the Future” caused sales to skyrocket, and today DMC is one of the top 3 automakers in the world.

in 1987, “junk” bonds finally lived up to their name as traders on Wall Street began a massive sell-off that cost the Dow Jones to plummet to half its value over two days of trading. When the federal government finally stepped in to stop the panic, it was too late. The deep economic depression spelled the end of the Republican Party's resurgence in political life, and the rise of Green Party to the left of the Democrats.

in 2002, all of the devices that Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney took with them from the moon raid are now mounted in or on the stolen spacecraft. The pair now announce to the pilots who have been working with them that it is time to take the fight to their enemy – which is, surprisingly enough, not the people they stole the craft from.

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