Saturday, October 08, 2005

Chicago Fire; Limbaugh's Little Problem

October 8th, 2005

in 1775, Continental Army officers from the southern states move to ban both slaves and free blacks from their ranks; when several northern regiments refuse and threaten to collapse the rebel cause if the measure is implemented, the southerners relent. Free blacks fighting in the revolution spearhead the movement to eradicate slavery in the former colonies once freedom for the new United States is won. Their hard-fought victory is made part of the new nation’s constitution in 1784.

in 1871, a fire broke out in a small barn outside of Chicago, Illinois, but the farmer, suffering insomnia from spicy food his wife had cooked, managed to put it out with help from his neighbors. High winds on the prairie that day nearly caused the fire to spread beyond the small farm, so the farmer thanked his lucky stars that is wife had just discovered Italian food.

in 1890, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson and his troops battle the Mormon leaders of Salt Lake City in a final confrontation to determine who will gain control of Utah Territory’s capitol. Colonel Jackson’s men have the worst of it, until Captain Ulrich’s forces arrive in the city in the nick of time. The Stars and Stripes is flown over the capitol building that evening.

in 1910, the Maktar, an alien race that has recently established friendly relations with the Congress of Nations, comes to the rescue of the C.N. forces battling to maintain their control of the Mlosh homeworld, driving off the Q’Bar. A weary Commander Mohandas Namboudry thanks them on behalf of a grateful people.

in 1944, President Wendell Wilkie died in office. Since he hadn’t appointed a vice-president to serve at his side after the death of Vice-President Charles McNary in February, Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn assumed the presidency, the first Speaker ever elevated to the office through the line of succession. Wilkie led the list of war dead in the next day’s paper with the simple notation, “Wilkie, Wendell; Commander-In Chief.

in 1967, Ernesto “Che” Guevera, an Argentinian revolutionary, defeated a Bolivian Army detachment that had been dispatched to retrieve his head. His popularity among the Bolivian peasantry brought him to the head of the country’s government within 2 years, and with Bolivian fallen to Communist aggression, the rest of the dominoes of South America quickly fell. Soon, America found itself isolated in a sea of red.

in 1970, American author Kurt Vonnegut is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. His writings criticizing the communist government of the Soviet States of America have been a hit world-wide, although suppressed at home.

in 2001, conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh announced to his listeners that he was going deaf due to an unnamed medical condition. The condition turned out to be drug addiction, as Limbaugh was found dead of an oxycontin overdose two weeks later.

in 4697, Ming-Wang-Xing explodes as the Y’T’T’li invaders turn it into a black hole; the surrounding Chinese and Chdo ships are destroyed, and Y’T’T’li elsewhere within the system begin similar projects on other moons and worlds. Emperor Xiao begins to consider truce.

in 2002, on a moon in a nearby solar system, the raiding party from earth launches a surprise attack on a small outpost and scores two more ships and several strange devices that Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney explain are “very important.” They return to earth, and more training commences.

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