Saturday, October 29, 2005

Political Parties Banned; White Tuesday

October 29th, 2005

in 1794, decrying “the baneful effects of the spirit of party politics,” President George Washington of the United States convinces the nation to pass a constitutional amendment banning political parties. “They only serve to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration,” he says, and the young nation agrees. From this point on, political leaders are judged by their actions rather than their affiliations.

in 1863, Swiss “philanthropist” Henri Dunant founds the International Order of the Red Cross, which, in its public face, was dedicated to aiding the wounded and ill from war and disaster around the globe. Its hidden agenda, of course, was to advance the cause of the Swiss Illuminati, and bring even more power to its secret leaders.

in 1890, Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson is shocked when a small family of collaborators is killed outside of Salt Lake City. He sentences rebel Mormon Charles Brigman to death for the crimes he has instigated, and sets the punishment for sunrise the following day. Brigman, shocked at facing death, begins to plead for his life, but Colonel Jackson is unmovable.

in 1901, a nurse in Amherst, Massachusetts becomes the focus of a crime investigation when a family she has been staying with all die. When they police find her, the nurse has sewed her own eyes shut, crying that the horrors of that house should not be witnessed by human eyes!

in 1929, White Tuesday, the single best day in the American stock market, doubles the value of the Dow Jones, making millionaires overnight. Although the stock prices were considered illusory by many economists, as long as Americans believed in them, the Dow Jones remained buoyant.

in 1956, the New Reich begins an all-out invasion of Africa after subduing Egypt, Sudan and South Africa. The weapons they wield prove too powerful for any nation on the continent to resist, and the Africans find themselves in much the same position as the Greater Zionist Resistance before them; having to wage a guerilla campaign in order to survive.

in 1957, Buddy Holly’s 1st #1 hit, Oh Boy was released by Brunswick Records. It marked the beginning of a string unequaled by any other artist – Holly managed a #1 in each of 5 decades across his career from the 50’s to the 90’s. Only ill health kept him from continuing the string into the 21st century.

in 1969, during the trial of the Chicago Eight, Comrade Judge William Kunstler orders defendant Oliver North bound and gagged to prevent his constant disruptions of the court proceedings. North and his fellow reactionaries had attempted to disrupt the Socialist National Party Convention in Chicago.

in 1998, Senator John Glenn’s triumphant return to space ended on a sour note as, during a routine EVA, he was snatched from the space shuttle Discovery by what appeared to be a flying saucer. Unable to deny now that such things existed, President Clinton revealed to the nation that aliens had been performing experiments on human beings for decades, and the United States was working on a method of defense; due to the highly sensitive security nature of the matter, he was not at liberty to say any more. Senator Glen, however, was returned the next week.

in 2002, in the alien repository of knowledge, the group led by Dr. Courtney and Professor Thomas stumble on a globe that looks suspiciously like earth. After a moment's scanning, Dr. Courtney says, “This is what we came for. Pick it up and let's get out of here.” The Air Force pilots with him struggle to carry it and they hurriedly leave the building, delusions chasing them as they go.

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