Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jane Eyre Published; The Yom Kippur War

October 6th, 2005

in 891, Pius III fills the shoes of the fisherman in Italy as he becomes the Pope. He is haunted by visions of the British Isles and the Christ risen in the land of the English. These visions lead him to find a King Arthur in the British Isles and declare him the true pope.

in 1847, the pseudonymous novelist Currer Bell publishes Jane Eyre, one of the first Feminist novels, about a young orphan girl who grows up to become a colonial governor. The furor aroused by the novel’s subject matter raised such fear in the novel’s author that she never revealed her true name to the public.

in 1890, reinforcements to Colonel Beauregard T. Jackson’s troops in Salt Lake City enter Utah Territory and are met by a Mormon force under the command of Jack Smith, a popular leader who had opposed joining the United States at all. The clash ends in a draw, with both sides taking heavy casualties, but the federal troops do make progress towards Salt Lake City.

in 1892, Edison Electronics patented the Electric Locomotive, a train engine that used the power of the sun to generate electricity. While woefully low-powered at first, they were a pet project of Edison’s, and supplanted traditional coal-burning engines within 20 years.

in 1910, Congress of Nations Commander Mohandas Namboudry declares martial law in the capitol city of the Mlosh homeworld, and orders the immediate detainment of all Q’Bar. The harsh measure is met with violence from the Q’Bar; returning refugee ships attack C.N. warships in orbit around the homeworld. Namboudry sends word to earth that assistance is desperately needed.

in 1961, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg urged all Americans to buy bomb shelters to “protect yourselves from the fanatical counter-revolutionaries of the world”. Comrade Rosenberg feared the missiles and nuclear weapons of the European powers might be used against the peaceful citizens of the Soviet States of America.

in 1973, Egypt and Syria invade Israel as Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year to Jews, begins. With so many soldiers away for religious observances, the tiny nation was quickly subdued and partitioned by the two Arab countries. The conquered Israelis began a 5-year-long war of resistance against their occupiers that ended when President Jimmy Carter of the U.S. mediated a peace between the three nations, giving Israel much of its territory back in exchange for an end to the terrorist campaigns they had been waging against Syria and Egypt.

in 1981, Anwar Sadat narrowly escapes assassination as he reviews Egyptian troops. Extremists peppered his review stand with bullets, killing many of his advisors and wounding Sadat’s left arm, but the Egyptian leader escaped with his life. Extremist movements across the nation were suppressed brutally after this, and Sadat took great steps to turn Egypt into a secular country.

in 4697, Chdo ships arrive in our solar system and join the battle against the Y’T’T’li. Their technology seems superior to the cybernetic aliens at first, and the Y’T’T’li are driven off Feng-Huang and the moons of Tai Sui. As the Chdo and Chinese forces chase them to the outer planets, though, the Y’T’T’li begin incorporating Chdo debris into their own ships, and the outer reaches of the solar system become the scene of a pitched battle.

in 2002, Professor Thomas and Dr. Courtney begin very hard drills for the pilots at Edwards Air Force base. With extra craft to train in, they even have a chance to practice a few dogfight and combat maneuvers, which the pilots take to immediately. The scientists tell the brass at the base that the pilots are doing very well, but warn them that the raid will be responded to eventually; they will need to make another to supply themselves.

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