Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Lindbergh Foils Kidnapping

March 1st, 2005

in 1608, Conspirators of the Speaker’s Line develop a symbolic code to communicate to their descendants the advances made by their line. The code, first used by Leonardo da Vinci, remains completely unbroken until the 20th century, when it is partially broken, but misinterpreted.

in 1692, the witches Sarah Goode, Tituba and Sarah Osborne are charged with practice of the dark arts, and the slave Tituba confesses. She is allowed to die a Christian death by drowning, but the widespread coven she belonged to is dispatched with more diverse punishment. God’s justice is visited on almost 200 residents of the misbegotten village of Salem.

in 12-8-3-14-9, the Susquehannock, an autonomous people allied with the Oueztecan Empire, abolish slavery within their borders. This causes runaway slaves across the continent to seek it out, swelling its borders. When the Oueztec come to reclaim their slaves, they find a people grown more powerful in their freedom than they had expected, and decide to leave them be.

in 1932, Charles Lindbergh discovers an intruder in his home and subdues him. The German man, who only identifies himself as John Smith, reveals under intense police interrogation that he was there to kidnap Lindbergh’s infant son. Even after 10 years in prison for attempted kidnapping, “Smith” never gave his real name.

in 4630, Kang Teh, imperial governor of Manchuria, secedes from China in an attempt to grab the crown for himself. Within the month, the Emperor’s soldiers convince him to rejoin the empire.

in 1939, Bulgarian sympathizers of the German Underground take over the country and expel the Greater Zionist Resistance. They become a great nuisance to the G.Z.R.’s southern flank during the war.

in 1954, Puerto Rican nationalists, having assassinated President Truman just 4 years earlier, strike another blow against the United States by taking a dozen Congressman captive in the Capitol Building. When President Alben Barkley refuses to meet them or grant their demand of independence for Puerto Rico, they execute their captives, and are then killed by police.

in 2004, Charles Meriweather, commander of the Titan mission, finds the methane crabs, a strange species that lives at the shore of one of the moon’s methane seas. The discovery of this species leads the team to the teeming life inside the methane seas.

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be President Barkley, not Alben? Just wondering....

Playwrighter said...

Wonderful concept. I can't wait for your post on the Nestorian monks who travelled to the court of Genghiz Khan, converting him and all his wives and thanes to Christianity. The Khan was so moved by Christ's Sermon on the Mount, he decreed that no Mongol shall ever wage war on another child of God. After which, Mongolia became a major center of monasticism and mysticism.

Dale Andersen

Robbie Taylor said...

It should be President Barkley... ah, typos...

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