Sunday, March 13, 2005

Battle Of Tondibi; Death Escapes In East Germany

March 13th, 2005

in 4265, Emperor Zhu Zaihou granted a small portion of the empire around the Himalayas to an isolationist sect of Buddhists that followed a single charismatic leader. The one condition he placed on this grant was they they not attempt to spread their interpretation of the religion to others in the empire, which they gladly obeyed.

in 969, Sultan Askia Ishaq II of the Songhai Empire defeated the bandit general Ahmed al-Mansur in Tondibi. The bandit al-Mansur had been plaguing northwestern Africa for years, and the Sultan was finally able to muster the force necessary to drive him back to his stronghold in Morocco.

in 1781, astronomer William Herschel conducts his Uranian mission, mapping the outer planet and its moons in a ship crewed mostly by Mlosh. 6 years later, Herschel would lead another expedition to explore the moons Titania and Oberon; his son eventually founded a lunar colony.

in 1881, revolutionaries unconnected to the Secret War killed Alexander II of Russia, the most powerful member of the Conqueror’s faction of the Speaker’s Line. His son, Alexander III, who had not been initiated into his role as a descendant of Telka the Speaker, was unable to fund the programs his father had started because he didn’t know about them. Much of Russian research was lost in this period.

in 1943, the Greater Zionist Resistance comes within a hair of shooting down a plane carrying Adolf Hitler and many of his time-traveling neo-Nazi advisors in Poland. They had been tipped off to the plane’s schedule by another defecting neo-Nazi; in their own time, the neo-Nazis were just beginning to realize the defection of their own people was becoming a problem.

in 1952, Velma Porter teeters on the brink of death as East German doctor Ivan Menchekov examines her. Mikhail von Heflin finally regains enough strength to free himself and he bursts into the laboratory where Dr. Menchekov is conducting his hideous experiments and kills him. He frees Miss Porter and flees into the night.

in 1961, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg attempted to revive the flagging fortunes of the Community of Trade with the implementation of his Comrades In Progress intitiative. Denounced by some as bribery to Latin America’s leaders, the program did keep the Community of Trade functioning for several more years.

in 2004, using their ship’s sensors, the Sheridans sweep over the Athena, a cargo ship carrying the remains of the Huygens, a space ship just returned from Titan. When they see no sign of the methane crabs they believed to have taken over the ship, they alert the other ships to begin searching the waters around the ship.

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Writer said...

Why do the humans atomatically think the crabs are evil? Seems to me that the crabs are the victims in this.

Robbie Taylor said...

Once bitten, twice shy, you know...

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