Monday, March 28, 2005

Three Mile Island Disaster

March 28th, 2005

in 1814, the Conquerors of the Speaker’s Line eliminated one of their French rivals, Joseph Guillotin. He had been a Conspirator working in the French Assembly towards making the country a more democratic and gentle place, and they wanted to boost Napoleon to a conquest of Europe in order to further their goals.

in 12-16-2-2-13, Incan author Mariachic was born in Arequipa, Inca. Although proud of his roots in the southern empire, he spent most of his life among the Oueztec, writing of the experience of being an outsider in a culture he felt far more comfortable with than his native one.

in 1941, Italian forces of the Greater Zionist Resistance are attacked by the British allies of the German Underground. Although the main British goal is simply to gain greater access to the Mediterannean, they eventually come under complete control of the German Reich.

in 1952, Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin reach the Mediterannean coast of Yugoslavia, having managed to remain undiscovered while stowing away on a southbound train from Germany. They quickly jump off the train and head towards the water to find a boat to take them to Africa.

in 1969, Comrade General Dwight Eisenhower died in Washington, D.C. Eisenhower had led the forces of the Soviet States of America during the Great Patriotic War, and had been courted by both the Socialist and Communist Parties for political office, but refused to run, warning Americans to “beware the military-political complex.”

in 1979, the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor exploded, spreading radiation across Pennsylvania. Over 50,000 died in the first day, and millions across the northeastern United States died of radiation poisoning and cancer in the years that followed. It led to a banning of nuclear power in America.

in 1990, the Canadian Civil War ended with the Nationalists led by Eileen Pressler in control of the northern nation. Although fellow traveler President Ralph Shephard had supported her forces during the war, Pressler refused to lend assistance to America during its war in the western hemisphere, maintaining a strict neutrality in the coming conflict.

in 2004, the Sheridan’s Titanian expedition reaches its goal. Saturn’s largest moon is fascinating, and the married scientists record everything that they are doing. After finding a nesting site for the methane crabs, they scoop up several and assemble a laboratory outside of their ship to examine them.

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Writer said...

Arn't you going to make alternate events for the day you missed.

D Scott said...

I think he's allowed a break on the day his daughter is born!

The Sheridans timeline seems to be moving awful fast - two days to get from Mars to Titan?

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