Thursday, March 31, 2005

Descartes Born, Therefore He Was

March 31st, 2005

in 1596, Rene Descartes thought he was born, but was he, really?

in 1889, a handful of Parisians attended the dedication of the Tour Eiffel, the 1000-foot tall tower designed by Gustave Eiffel to honor France’s revolution of 1789. The wrought-iron eyesore has few visitors today, and sticks out like a sore thumb in the heart of Paris.

in 1948, 43rd U.S. President Al Gore, Jr. was born in Carthage, Tennessee. After the contentious 2000 elections put Gore into the White House with a popular vote victory but a contested electoral vote win, Republicans fought him tooth and nail until they lost control of the House in the 2002 elections, and then the Senate when Gore won reelection in 2004.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin and his lover Velma Porter sail the survivors of their ship to the Libyan coast, where they are forced to crashland. The Baron and Miss Porter leave them after firing off a few flares to alert anyone passing that they need assistance.

in 1959, Tensin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and leader of the Tibetan people, surrenders to Chinese authorities who have taken control of his small country. When he is executed as an enemy of the state, Tibetans begin a 7-year uprising against Chinese rule that eventually drives out the communist power, but leaves Tibet in ruins.

in 1990, President Ralph Shephard authorizes the Atlantis Project, a systematic program to sink enemy ships in the western hemisphere. Led by the nuclear carrier Atlantis, the project destroyed almost a hundred enemy vessels and killed thousands of sailors.

in 1991, the Honduran Pact, a military organization of the Central American nations that formed a buffer zone between capitalist Brazil and the communist Soviet States of America, formally dissolved its membership. With the wave of capitalistic experimentation going on in Latin America, most member states no longer saw a need to protect themselves from their new trading partner.

in 2004, with their exterior, super-cooled chamber filled with methane crabs and the parasitic Projection Virii, Jacob and Livinia Sheridan’s ship takes off from Titan and heads back to earth. They have some high hopes about genetically engineering the P.V. into a more useful citizen of the solar system.

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Writer said...

Two Questions: One, so the Titanian parasite's arn't sentient? Two, what do you mean by more useful citizens and could they be used as a weapon.

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