Monday, March 14, 2005

Catholic League Defeats Henri IV

March 14th, 2005

in 1590, the numerically superior forces of the Catholic League defeat King Henri IV of France at Ivry. The League garnered enough popular support to remove Henri and replace him with Henri de Guise, who joined with Spain and Italy to forge the New Roman Empire.

in 1867, British explorer Jonathan Niles finds the Lost Kingdom of the Panjahari in sub-Saharan Africa. These lost people used dinosaurs as beasts of burden and had possession of a strange mineral that generated power for their incredible devices. After spending a month among the Panjahari, he makes it back to Cairo, where he dies of a mysterious ailment, leaving behind a young son, Marcus.

in 1879, physicist Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany. Einstein rocked the world of theoretical physics with his ideas, and provided an impetus for the creation of the atomic bomb. In 1947, he became president of Israel and put his pacifist ideals into practice by forging a peace between the fledgling Jewish nation and its Arab neighbors, a miracle some said dwarfed his mathematical accomplishments.

in 1883, German émigré Karl Marx died at his home in Washington, D.C. Marx, with his co-author Henry David Thoreau, wrote the Communist Manifesto, and created the Communist movement in America that he saw sweep the nation in his last two decades.

in 1943, the German Underground obliterates Kharkov, a Ukrainian city which had been the scene of heavy fighting with the Greater Zionist Resistance for some time. Neither side had been able to retain control of the city, and the G.U. decided not to leave it in the hands of the G.Z.R.

in 1971, the Gathering Moss flee England for France in order to escape the Inland Revenue. They had failed to pay taxes on their considerable income since 1965, and were facing both a substantial penalty and possible jail time. Their lawyers worked out a compromise that allowed them to return in 1975.

in 1992, the Constitutionalist Party enacts the Patriot Law, requiring all businesses that deal directly with the federal government to deny business to a variety of people deemed traitors by the Constitutionalists. The definition tends to make everyone who is not a Constitutionalist a traitor.

in 2004, a search of the ocean around the Athena, finds only traces of methane. The Sheridans decide to lead a team back onto the ship to see if the Titanian crabs are still there. They receive authorization from the Australian government, and then land on the Athena’s deck the next morning.

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