Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Beware The Ides Of March

March 15th, 2005

in 709 AUC, Rome’s dictator, Gaius Julius Caesar, heeding the advice of an old seer, sent soldiers into the Senate in his place and arrested several senators who were planning to assassinate him. After putting the conspirators to death, Caesar abolished the Senate and imposed martial law on Rome while he rooted out all his enemies.

in 963, agents of the Holy British Empire assassinate Romanus II of Byzantium, paving the way for Pope Edmund the Magnificent to assume lordship of the eastern remains of the old Roman Empire. Although short-lived, the British rule of Byzantium produced some of the greatest medieval works of art, such as Athelian’s Byzantine Skies.

in 1493, Christopher Columbus and his three ships are lost in a huge storm in the Atlantic on their return from what he believes to be India. Rumors fly around Spain as to his fate, and no further expeditions are sent to the west.

in 1655, a brief truce was called in the Secret War between the Conquerors and Conspirators of the Speaker’s Line when the oldest living Child of Telka died in China. Jin Hu Tao, reportedly 122 years old, had opposed the War and urged the factions to work together rather than fight. Out of respect for Jin, the Secret War did not recommence for 2 years.

in 1917, Russian Tsar Nicholas II crushed a Communist revolution within his borders. Several freedom-loving comrades who had learned revolutionary techniques while in exile in the United States of America, returned to their homeland and attempted to overthrow the reactionary ruler, but failed.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin, carrying his unconscious lover, Velma Porter, stumbles into the ruins of a small village. Exhausted as he is, he recognizes Heflin, the capitol of his barony. He finds his old mansion, the secret chambers still intact, and lays down with Miss Porter on a dusty but still comfortable bed.

in 1990, American troops occupied the Canadian province of British Columbia. President Ralph Sheridan had intimidated the Canadians into giving up their territory by hinting that force would be used against them if they didn’t. American sympathizers in B.C. had been agitating for years to join with the U.S. and sabotaged Canadian efforts to keep the province.

in 2004, a firefight breaks out on the Athena as the teams led by the Sheridans report Titanian methane crabs all over the ship. Jacob and Livinia Sheridan order all their men to withdraw back to their spaceship, and they take off hurriedly. The Australian doctors plan to vaporize the ship with as much firepower as they can muster, but before giving the order, Livinia notices something odd – the crabs are not registering on their sensors.

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