Friday, March 25, 2005

Henri Plantagenet Born In Anjou; Sheridans Depart For Titan

March 25th, 2005

in 1133, the founder of the Plantagenet line of popes, Henri Plantagenet, was born in Anjou. As Cardinal of Anjou, he attracted the eye of Eleanor of Aquitaine, former wife of Louis, the Archbishop of France. Through her influence and possessions, Henri raises himself to the papacy in 1154, rules the Holy British Empire until his death in 1189.

in 1811, Great Britain officially recognizes the Republic of Ireland. The Irish, allied with the first Mlosh Europeans, had won independence 2 years before. Facing a fact of life, the British Parliament decided to reconcile with their former colony, and the recognition allowed them to forge close economic and political ties with Ireland.

in 12-13-4-5-11, Cheyenne warrior captain Honiakaha led his soldiers to a final defeat of the Kiowa, with Oueztec reinforcements backing him. Honiakaha settled down in the northern plains after this and was made the Oueztecan governor of the Cheyenne and Kiowan plains. In spite of a lifetime of fighting them, he led the Kiowa with justice, and is remembered best for his innovation of trial by jury as opposed to summary judgements by local nobles.

in 1955, U.S. Customs agent Jack Powell missed a shipment of Alan Ginsberg’s Howl, which he was supposed to impound for obscenity charges. The 520 books were distributed around the San Francisco beat scene, and were out of control by that point. Agent Powell lost his job over the mistake.

in 1997, the first President of Puerto Rico, Roberto Vilella, dies in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After the terrorist campaign of the 1950’s, Vilella’s peaceful approach to Puerto Rican independence won over the U.S. and vaulted him to the new country’s presidency in 1965.

in 1998, Adam Pletcher is convicted of attempting to extort $5 million from Bill Gates. Pletcher maintained his innocence throughout the trial, and indeed, was innocent. An acquaintance of his had posed as him in order to threaten Gates and Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer out of money. When John Winston was found doing the exact same thing to Apple Chairman Steve Jobs, Pletcher was released.

in 2000, deceased gamemaster Bill Burke and his new friend Hamid, the ghost of a Turk from the 12th century, begin their epic Fudge campaign, The Busride Of Doom. Gamer ghosts will speak of The Busride for centuries to come.

in 2004, on the anniversary of Christiaan Huygens’ discovery of Titan, Livinia and Jacob Sheridan take off for the Saturnian moon to attempt to expand their knowledge of the strange creatures that caused the first exploratory ship to crash back on earth. They are carrying their nanovirus just in case.

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Writer said...

Hey, were did Tolman get to anyway?

Robbie Taylor said...

After shutting down the big cross-planar hoedown, he's taking a nice, quiet rest...

Writer said...

Right, I forgot

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