Friday, March 04, 2005

Nobody Screamed For Ice Cream

March 4th, 2005

in 1611, Conquerors of the Speaker’s Line place George Abbot into England’s Primacy as the Archbishop of Canterbury. Abbott stealthily lays the groundwork for another member of the Line to overthrow the entire monarchy in the decades to come.

in 1829, an unruly, drunken crowd of President Jackson’s supporters overrun the White House during Jackson’s inaugural party. During the riot, the mansion catches fire, and President Jackson resolutely takes command of the crowd and gets them out before the building is destroyed. His term is served out in the Vice President’s house as workmen rebuild the White House.

in 1805, the Italian city-states and regions are united under a single ruler for the first time since Rome fell when Giuseppe Corlesconi negotiates the loyalty of all of the disparate noblemen to himself in the Treaty of Sardinia. He places his capitol in Rome, and the newly united country is named the New Republic of Rome. The N.R.R. is one of the first European nations to join the Congress of Nations in the 1860’s.

in 1945, folk singer Jimmie Louise Tims was born in Huntsville, Texas. She started singing around the campus of Sam Houston State University in her home town, and was heard by Arlo Guthrie when he traveled through Texas in 1961. He took her on tour with him, and her covers of classic backwoods tunes made a splash in the folk scene.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter dock in Marseilles, France. Now that they are in Europe, von Heflin feels more comfortable, and books them passage on a train to Germany. His former homeland is now under Communist control, but he thinks he can get the two of them back to Heflin.

in 1954, Comrade John Foster Dulles warned that “international capitalism” was making inroads into the Western Hemisphere, and that there was “not a single country in this hemisphere that has not been penetrated by the apparatus of international capitalism acting under orders from the European monarchies.” This further heightened the paranoid atmosphere of anti-capitalist 50’s.

in 1992, culinary inventor Christian K. Nelson died at his home in Moorhead, Iowa. Although his candy treats were favored in his native Denmark, he tried something different in America, and that proved to be his undoing; he resurrected the old recipe for ice cream, dipping it in chocolate in the hope of making it more palatable to the American taste buds. Unfortunately, it flopped, and nearly drove his chocolate and sweets company out of business.

in 2004, the crew of the Huygens, the exploratory vessel sent to Titan using Martian spaceflight technology, begin to report back that a strange smell is leaking into the ship’s air supply. A few hours later, communications with the ship are lost.

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Writer said...

There are some similarities to the Speaker's Line timeline to the Da vinci Code. Arn't you worried about plagerism?

Robbie Taylor said...

Not particularly.

For one thing, I haven't read the book. I know the general idea because it's such a big hit - Da Vinci made a visual code indicating that Jesus escaped the cross and went off with Mary Magdalene or something like that, right?

The next reason is because I'm a small fry, and no real threat to anyone.

And the last reason is that this particular paranormal theory has been around for a long time; I'm not particularly worried about being sued over the use of the Illuminati, either.

ManofTroy said...

Well, aren't you worried about the Illuminati suing you?

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