Friday, March 11, 2005

The Fall Of Rome; The Modern Prometheus

March 11th, 2005

in 1290 AUC, the Roman Empire comes to an end as the Goths sack and destroy the fabled city, not leaving one stone standing on another. For a half a century, no one will even approach the city’s remains for fear of the ghosts rumored to haunt its seven hills.

in 1544, poet Torquato Tasso is born into the Speaker’s Line in Sorrento, Italy. His poems utilized da Vinci’s code to help spread news to the Speaker’s Children around Europe. His work was the first to utilize the Renaissance master’s code for this purpose.

in 1818, The Modern Prometheus, a Scientific Romance of a doctor’s quest to create life, is published by Mary Wollstonecraft. The deeply philosophical work brought the S.R. genre to a new level; it had been flagging since it’s heyday in the 17th century with the works of Cyrano de Bergerac.

in 1943, a Dutch contingent of the German Underground forms in The Netherlands. Most of the populace resists them; the Dutch enjoyed life under the Greater Zionist Resistance, and bitterly hate the G.U. Dutch resistance against the G.U. was the fiercest of any country in Europe.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin’s strength finally gives out on him, and he collapses outside the small East German village of Trentgard. Velma Porter is still unconscious as well when they are found by villagers and taken to the local doctor, Ivan Menchekov.

in 1992, Prime Minister John Major of Great Britain announces the beginning of the Emergency Martial Assistance Program, a thinly disguised pretense to arm embattled Brazil in its struggle to keep the United States from dominating the entire western hemisphere. President Ralph Shephard of the U.S. denounces the program as a virtual declaration of war, but does nothing to stop the British.

in 1996, Comrade Vice President Clifton Robertson dies at his home in Washington. The comrade had been a valuable and loyal second-in command to Comrade President Gus Hall in the 60’s and early 70’s, and had paved the way for Comrade Hall’s historic trip to Brazil.

in 2004, Jacob and Livinia Sheridon, convinced that the ship they are on has been taken over by the crabs from Titan, convince most of the crew to abandon ship and head off in the smaller life boats. Sheridan uses his cell phone to call Australia and tells the Prime Minister, “We’re in it again, Mr. Howard.”

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