Saturday, March 05, 2005

You Are Getting Very Sleepy

March 5th, 2005

in 669, the Jewish grand vizier of Persia, Sa’ad al’Da’ulah, narrowly avoids assassination by Muslims seeking to put an end to his influence in Islam’s mightiest nation. Al’Da’ulah convinces the Persian Shah to enforce the Koran’s admonishment to allow men the practice of their own faith, and Persia becomes a haven for infidel refugees across Islam.

in 1461, the Bishop of York deposes Pope Henry VI and is crowned Pope Edward IV. His sons will be the last generation of the Plantagenet line to rule the Holy British Empire. His reign marks the last 2 decades of the War of the Roses.

in 1616, agents of the Speaker’s Line obtain the forbidden text de Revolutionibus by Copernicus, a radical work forcing them rethink their basic goals. Although both factions of the Speaker’s Line have had some small successes in flight, they are starting to see that the heavens are far higher than Telka had imagined.

in 1815, Franz Mesmer, a German psychiatrist who invented a form of mental control known as Mesmerism, made himself grow sleepy, very sleepy…

in 1952, Velma Porter and Mikhail von Heflin are forced off their train at Wiesbaden, Germany. They have encountered an old enemy of the Baron’s, and leave before it can endanger the other passengers on the train. They escape into a forest, where they battle the strange creature to the death. After their victory, they slip onto the next train they see heading east, something they will soon come to regret.

in 1953, Isoeb Dzhugashvili died in exile in the Soviet States of America. Dzhugashvili, known for decades in the Russian Empire as the terrorist Stalin, had struggled against the bourgeois dictatorship the Tsar had established after the failed revolution of 1917 since its inception, and was a welcome guest of the American government when he had to flee the country in 1938.

in 1969, Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Perceptions, is arrested on stage after he allegedly exposes himself at a concert in Miami, Florida. The arrest for lewd behavior makes Morrison a cause celebre for rock stars across the world, and they become very vocal in his defense. When Morrison is brought to trial, the crowd outside the Dade County Courthouse outnumbers the crowd that had supposedly seen him expose himself.

in 2004, in the early morning, the command center for the Titan mission receives a short message from Command Meriweather. “Crabs exploded all over the containment area,” he says. “Knocked out a good portion of the ship. We’ll be limping in.” Deep space tracking locates the Huygens, thousands of miles off course, but still slowly making its way back to earth.

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