Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pueblo Uprising

Alternate Historian's Note: While we battle off the plague, enjoy this blast from the past...

August 10th, 2006:

in 1680, a popular rebellion rises among the Pueblo against the Spanish occupiers. Through years of harsh guerilla warfare, they are able to drive the Europeans from their land, at the cost of their traditionally more peaceful culture. The Pueblo remained in an almost perpetual state of war against European invaders for the next century.

in 1827, in what will soon become a tidal wave that the United States cannot fight against, over a thousand blacks leave Cincinnati, Ohio for Canada after bloody race riots in the western town. That thousand turns into hundreds of thousands, and then millions, as blacks across the United States throw off their shackles for the freedom of the Great White North.

in the Dreaming, the war against the flies of Heaven is proceeding swiftly. The people have freed all of the areas they control of the pests; a problem arises when they request the aid of a native race of Heaven in using their home to stage an attack on the flies – they are refused. An anger the people didn’t know they had begins to grow within them.

in 1911, the Parliament Act reduces the power of the British House of Commons to ceremonial duties. They are essentially a rubber stamp for the House of Lords, where virtually all parliamentary power is now concentrated. The Prime Minister, Lord Harold Fitzhugh, declares, “This is not America, where the Communists lead the rabble down to chaos. In Britain, the lower classes know their place.”

in 1960, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas is born in Malaga, Spain. An international superstar famed for his smoldering sexuality, Banderas attempted to bring this success to American film, but didn’t translate well, and never took off in Hollywood.

in 1968, the investigation into Governor Schoemann’s death in the New Reich’s Chinese Protectorate uncovers a puzzling fact – Governor Schoemann had met with his twin prior to the suicide. His secretary saw the man; security cameras recorded him, and his exact likeness with Governor Schoemann was obvious. However, Governor Schoemann was an only child, according to all their records. Gestapo investigators were baffled by this.

in 1975, David Frost interviews President Richard Nixon the day after the last state’s vote to ratify the 27th Amendment, repealing the 2-term limit on the presidency. When Frost asks him how he felt about this Amendment, which had been pushed through in order to allow him to run for a 3rd term, Nixon replied, “It was the first time I cried since Eisenhower died.”

in 1977, the police announce that they have captured the notorious Son of Sam killer, a young postal worker named David Berkowitz. They are forced to release him later on as the grisly Sam-style murders continue; as he is freed, Berkowitz tells them, “You should have arrested the dog.”

in 1996, the crowd around the home of Dr. Melvin Courtney begins to grow; they even have home-made reconstructions of the Chimanimani object. Requests to the police to have them removed are useless; they simply return after the police disperse them. Dr. Courtney decides that he will speak to them the next day.

in 2000, the trio of Mikhail von Heflin, Velma Porter and Li Huang-Sen contain and imprison the presence that had been threatening Las Vegas in the Nevada desert. As they return to Vegas, Li learns that his two companions are newly married, and offers to throw them a proper wedding party, “back home. You’re coming with me to China.” Exhausted and more than willing to leave America after this, the couple agree.

in 2002, Sylvie Gerard spirits her newborn daughter out of Jesu, France moments before Templars of the Holy British Empire arrive and begin slaughtering all the newborns. For forty days and nights, she wanders the French countryside, seeking refuge from the Pope’s edict.

in 2004, Dr. Emilio Carrera’s jamming technology is sent to factories to begin mass production; the entire world sets its eyes on using the Guatemalan scientist’s genius to hide themselves from the galactic menace they know only as the Elders.

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