Friday, August 18, 2006

Temujin's Death

The state of TIAH

August 18th, 2006

in [time unknown], the crews of the Pokor and Eagle are led into what looks like a council chamber, with many of the Grey-like aliens sitting behind a raised platform above them. One of the “councilors” speaks to the group, and Najib Kasem, with some assistance from Quarai translator Monkar, speaks back. “They asked which side we were on in their struggle,” Kasem told his crewmates, “and I told them that we were strangers who took no position in their fight.” Monkar interjected, “We hope – I'm not so sure about the word for strangers.” The council deliberated amongst themselves for several minutes, then said something to Kasem. “They want to know if we would be willing to fight on their side in this war.” Captain Mawrao objected immediately, as did all of the Quarai. “We cause no harm,” Mawrao said, emphatically. “Is highest Quarai philosophy. The Pokor is no combat vessel.” Commander Patterson gently said, “The Eagle has some combat capabilities, but I'd be interested to see what they think of Captain Mawrao's answer. Tell them, Najib.” Kasem and Monkar spoke to the council again, and this caused a buzz among the small beings. “I don't think they like that answer,” Kasem said, and was proven right when their group was roughly escorted out of the chamber and brought to a large, featureless room. What looked like food was brought in, and then they were left alone. Kasem took the opportunity to pull Commander Patterson aside and tell her, “Commander, I have to tell you about something.”

in 3923, the Mongol wise man, Temujin, dies in camp with his tribe around him. The son of a chief, Temujin was forced out of his tribe at his father’s death, and his wanderings in exile led him to the seat of learning in Beijing. He brought the teachings of the Chinese to the Mongols, and led them to join the empire through peaceful means, rather than the warrior's way he had been taught as a child. His great work as a mediator for the Empire led the Emperor himself to name Temujin as a member of his Council of Ministers, the first Mongol ever so honored.

in 1590, the governor of Roanoke colony in the Americas, John White, returns from a trip to England to find his home completely bereft of human life. His 100 fellow colonists seemed to have just vanished into thin air; the only clue they left behind was a carving in a tree that read fnord.

in 1952, dancer Patrick Swayze was born. Hailed as the greatest talent in ballet since Nureyev, Swayze’s movie-star good looks and subtle moves made him the most famous dancer in the world by his 30’s. He even had a few small movie roles, usually as a dancer of some kind. However tempted he might have been by Hollywood, though, Swayze always returned to his first love, and dazzled the world with his grace and style, not to mention his sweet Texas charm. Swayze's infamous flirtations were responsible for his two divorces, but also a flock of admirers who follow his performances with uncritical admiration.

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