Thursday, August 24, 2006

King Charles' Reconciliation With The Huguenots

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August 24th, 2006

in 1572, King Charles IX of France rejects the counsel of his mother and instead issues a decree granting the Protestant Huguenot community of the country full rights of citizenship. This enrages many Catholic leaders, as well as the Pope in Rome, who had wanted France to crack down hard on the Protestants in their midst. Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, and influential Huguenot who was friendly wit the king, advised Charles to place a reign on Catherine, his mother, lest she instigate violence against the Huguenots herself. This was well-placed advice, because Catherine de Medici had been planning a massacre of Huguenot leaders. Shocked at the scope of her plan, King Charles placed Catherine under house arrest, and de Coligny became his chief advisor. With a Protestant by his side, Charles was able to forge a lasting peace and alliance with England, and the two nations together fended off attacks from the Catholic Church against their sovereignty. At one point during his reign, when the Pope threatened to excommunicate Charles, the king said, “Let the pope do as he will. I will convert to the Church of England.” This made the pope back off, and without the power of excommunication, the church's hold over France withered. The rest of Europe also saw a loosening of the church's grip as the Protestant movement gathered strength. Over the next century, even such Catholic stalwarts as Spain and Italy enjoyed a liberalization of religion in their nations, and a flowering of tolerance took hold of Christendom.

in 2017, the Pokor and the Eagle saw the great gas giant of Amandara in their viewscreens, and a cheer erupted from the crews. Captain Mawrao ordered the helm to take the ship to Amandara 14, then turned to Commander Patterson. “I guess this is goodbye for us, then. I will be very sad to see you go.” Commander Patterson smiled and placed a hand on one of Mawrao's three arms. “Mawrao, I can honestly say that you are my favorite alien. Before we part ways, what do you say we break out some of that fungus juice you guys drink and have a party?” Mawrao replied, “Now, you talking!” The captain gave all non-essential personnel leave and ordered them to “Party up with our earth friends one last time.” The crews of the two ships were decidedly the worse for the wear when they reached orbit around Amandara 14, and there were many tearful hugs before the Eagle launched out of the Pokor's cargo bay. As Commander Patterson piloted her own ship away from the gas giant, she looked at the huge world in the viewscreen and a tear ran down her face. “Najib, you figure that thing out,” she said, jerking a thumb back at the jump device, “because I want to retire here.” Kasem, who had just finished putting in the coordinates for earth, said, “Aye, aye, Commander.” Patterson ordered the crew to prepare for the jump, and the blinding white flash brought the Eagle home.

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