Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crockett Born; Prize In Math Established

The state of TIAH

August 17th, 2006

in [time unknown], the crews of the Pokor and the Eagle find themselves in a large, featureless room. The opening they entered through closes behind them, and they are unable to signal the ships. While they are contemplating their position, part of the wall opens up, and a creature that is decidedly humanoid walks into the room. “Holy Cheko,” Captain Mawrao says, “It's a Grey.” Indeed, the being that has entered the room does resemble the classic alien type, and Commander Patterson sees why Mawrao said that. But, there are subtle differences; for one thing, the being's skin is a dark brown rather than grey, and it's eyes are fairly human-like, rather than large black almonds. It examines them with a strange hand-held device for a few minutes, then says something in the strange language that they heard before and leaves. Najib Kasem and the Quarai translator Monkar both say, “I think I understood that.”

in 1786, statesman David Crockett was born in Tennessee. Woodsman, legislator and hero of the successful battle of Texican forces at the Alamo, Crockett returned to Tennessee and American politics in 1838 by winning the governorship of his home state. The Whigs nominated him for president in 1840, but he lost by a narrow margin to Martin Van Buren, who was widely considered one of the worst presidents America has ever elected. Crockett was nominated again in 1844, and won, but died before taking office. His vice-president, John Tyler, took office in his place. It is said that the only way Tyler got anything accomplished was by waving the legend of Crockett about like a flag, but Tyler was fairly successful in his two terms.

in 1938, citing the importance of the field in virtually all scientific endeavors, the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden announces a new category, a Nobel Prize in Mathematics. Scientists around the world applaud the decision, especially mathematicians.

in 1962, the Silver Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, meets with their former drummer, Pete Best, and begs him to rejoin the band. Best, infuriated, tells Epstein, “They missed out on their chance at stardom, mate,” and storms out of Epstein’s office. Best’s 1st album had just gone gold in the U.K., and the Silver Beatles were having a hard time selling anything.

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