Tuesday, August 01, 2006

War In Europe

The state of TIAH

August 1st, 2006

in 1914, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire declares war against Serbia and invokes a dizzying mix of alliances that cross Europe to aid it, as does Serbia. Rather than plunge the entire continent into war, though, diplomats hurriedly meet in Paris to see if there is some way to stave off a disastrous struggle that could potentially kill millions. The Germans are more than willing to follow the Austro-Hungarians into combat, but the other powers are less willing to risk treasure and blood for a nation as small as Serbia. At the end of a week of tense negotiations, Serbia is tossed to Austria-Hungary in exchange for a pledge that the war will end with the tiny nation's destruction. Austria-Hungary agrees, and by the year's end, Serbia has been shattered and its population turned into refugees. The homeless Serbs became a problem for all of Europe as many of their people began committing acts of terrorism against nations that should have stood with them against the Empire. The most famous of these, of course, was the attack on the Olympic Games in Antwerp in 1920, when they blew up the Olympisch Stadion.

in 2017, Najib Kasem and Quarai translator Monkar figure out how to bring up all of the past destinations the golden Jump device has been to. The diagram they have been studying offers them many tantalizing hints of other capabilities hidden within the device, but this one is the most vital, and they announce it to the crew to many cheers. “We can activate the device at will, also,” Kasem tells the mix of humans and Quarai. Commander Patterson and Captain Mawrao both take that as the best news of all. “So, we can leave whenever we want, and you can bring up any destination point that the device has been to?” Kasem and Monkar reply affirmatively. “So, we can go back to earth?” Kasem enthusiastically says, “Yes, the coordinates are in there, ready to be activated.” Captain Mawrao looks over at Patterson and says, a little wistfully, “You know, once we get you home, we not see you so much anymore. I will miss this time with our human friends.” Commander Patterson touched Mawrao's shoulder and said, “But think how many more human friends you'll make when you come back with us.” The morale of the entire crew of the Pokor picked up as they readied themselves to meet a whole new world filled with humans. “Let's leave this place of death behind us, then,” Captain Mawrao said to the assembled body. “Prepare to jump.”

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