Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Battle Of Bosworth Field

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August 22nd, 2006

in [time unknown], the Pokor reappeared in the middle of an asteroid field. They were still carrying some of the atmosphere from the Starwalker world, and it dissipated around them as Captain Mawrao ordered the ship to a stop. “Where are we now?” The Pokor's sensors detected about a dozen planets in the system they were currently in – 4 inner rocky worlds, followed by 4 gas giants, and 4 small rocky worlds at the edges of the system. “That sounds like earth's system,” Commander Patterson said, and Captain Mawrao called the information on the system's 3rd planet up on a viewscreen. The planet bore some resemblance to earth, but the continents were wrong. The Eagle's geologist took a look at the planet and said, in a hushed tone, “Actually, Commander, they're right for earth – a few million years ago.” The realization that the jump device could move them through time as well as space hit the crew fairly hard. Captain Mawrao and Commander Patterson asked Najib Kasem and Monkar to work on getting the Pokor back to its own time and its own world as quickly as they could.

in 1485, torn between loyalty to his king or to his stepson, Lord Thomas Stanley makes the fateful decision to remain loyal to King Richard III, and enters the battle at Bosworth Field under the Yorkist banner. With his aid, King Richard is able to defeat Henry Tudor, although the victory is bought at a heavy price; Tudor captures and kills Lord Stanley. Although King Richard sends many men after him, Henry escapes the field with almost a thousand men left from his original force of 5000. Unwilling to sacrifice any more English lives for the man he calls, “this French traitor,” King Richard calls off the pursuit of Tudor and returns to London. The consequence of his mercy is more unrest over the next 7 years as Tudor attempted to raise support for his claim to the throne. Tudor even went so far as to make the absurd claim that King Richard had murdered his nephew, Prince Edward, in order to clear his path to the throne. Since young Edward was enjoying the social life in London at the time, people laughed off this absurd claim. Tudor's final attempt to take the crown of England occurred at Stoke Field in 1492, when King Richard finally captured and killed him in single combat. With Tudor's claim finally put to rest, the Lancastrian branch of the Plantagenets gave up their wars to retake England and King Richard III reigned in relative peace for nearly 30 years. Since his own legitimate son had died in 1484, Richard named his nephew John de la Pole as his heir, who assumed the throne in 1512 as King John II.

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Dave said...

So, I guess we know where you stand on the Pluton issue, hmm?

Robbie Taylor said...

The more planets, the merrier! :)

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