Saturday, August 12, 2006

Washington's Woes

The state of TIAH

August 12th, 2006

in [time unknown], the crews of the Pokor and the Eagle appear back in normal space, but not in the Amandara system. The jump that they made through hyperspace was very unsettling, too, and the entire crew is suffering from unease, dizziness and a strange sense of muscle fatigue. “I feel like somebody's squeezed me through a straw,” Commander Patterson complains. Captain Mawrao, still sluggish from the jump, orders the crew to scan the system they're in to see where they are. The star is a small yellow sun, and they are approximately 30 light-minutes from a habitable planet that resembles Amandara 8. There is another planet about a light-hour out from that one which also seems capable of supporting life, as well as a planet further in towards the sun which looks very lush. A few gas giants orbit the sun beyond these worlds, but none seem to be as life-givingly hot as Amandara, so Captain Mawrao suggests to Patterson that they head to the world they are closest to. She agrees, and the Pokor finds itself a couple of hours later approaching a small brown world that is giving off quite a few radio signals. Monkar, the Quarai translator, begins working to decipher them, and Najib Kasem assists. He finds the language contained in the signals oddly familiar.

in 1776, General George Washington of the rebel American army wrote to General Charles Lee that the problems of smallpox and desertion that he was dealing with were overwhelming, and that the British would probably take advantage of this by seizing New York City. He was correct, and during a British attack on Brooklyn Heights, was captured along with a large number of the Continental Army's officer corps. All of these officers were shipped back to Britain, where they were tried and hanged for treason, demoralizing the American rebel movement. There were still sporadic outbreaks of resistance against British rule, but this horrific defeat completely crushed the American rebellion.

in 2000, a cry for help proves that the Cold War is truly over; the Russian submarine Kursk is hit by an explosion as it goes through a few practice maneuvers in the Barents Sea, and radios out an SOS. American naval personnel respond immediately, and are able to evacuate almost half of the 118 Russian crewmen on board before the Kursk loses all buoyancy and sinks to the bottom of the sea. Russian President Vladimir Putin commends the brave American sailors who came to the aid of the Russian sub and declares, “Now, in the freezing Arctic, we see the final thawing of the Cold War between the United States and Russia. The warmth of this act melts even the hardest of our hearts.” From this point forward, Russia and the US grow closer and cooperate almost fully on international matters.

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