Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Roman Victory In The East

The state of TIAH

August 9th, 2006

in 1132 AUC, Roman Emperor Valens routes the Visigoths at Adrianople. Valens had been warned about the powerful Visigoth cavalry, and had brought along a few thousand horsemen of his own top balance the score. When the Visigoth cavalry charged his infantry, he sent his own equestrians after them, and the Romans proved superior. Although the Visigoths had been suppressed this time, Valens decided to fortify the Eastern Empire to insure that the small tribes scattered about the region didn't decide to defy Rome simply because she was so distant. Valens created the Eastern Imperial Corps, a body of Roman or Roman-trained easterners that numbered almost a quarter million and patrolled the Eastern Empire, keeping the peace for Rome. With the EIC as their enforcers, the Romans were able to maintain complete control over their easter possessions, and even expand them as the years went on.

in 2017, the UN votes to allow the Amandaran Union to accompany earth ships when they use the golden Jump device found on the Pindar-Asaki comet. The Amandaran ambassador maintains her good graces, but is displeased that the humans will not allow the Union to have some time to examine the device. “We will gladly accompany you on your journeys to the stars,” she tells the assembled body, “and hope the day will come when you trust us enough to join us in the true spirit of union.” After this speech, Commander Patterson is order by the European Space Agency to return the Amandarans and the Pokor back to their own system, then return to earth for new orders. The Amandarans sadly reboard their vessel and prepare for the journey home. Commander Patterson, who has been very vocal about the assistance that the AU gave them, tells reporters as she prepares to leave, “Without these people, I would be stuck in another star system, probably dying. It's shameful that our politicians can't think beyond tired cliches of alien invaders long enough to realize that reality is somewhat different than they presume it to be.”

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