Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Scottish King

The state of TIAH

August 15th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: Our thanks to Guest Historian, Viannah Duncan, for filling in for us yesterday. She did a great job, and we hope she enjoyed it as much as we did the day off :)

in [time unknown], for two days, the crews of the Pokor and the Eagle have been constrained in orbit around the brown planet. Their ships have been unable to break free from the the strange force that the alien ships have been using against them. They detected various probes being made of the ships and the crews, but no attempts at communication. Najib Kasem and the Quarai translator Monkar have been working almost without rest to decipher the radio transmissions they had received earlier. Kasem keeps feeling that the language is within his grasp, but never quite realizes why. Together, the two manage to unravel a tale of civil war and planetary devastation – the people of the brown planet have been evacuating to the 3rd and 5th planets in the system in order to save something of themselves. Hostilities have followed them there, though – the 5th planet, where the majority of the refugees are, is currently being bombarded, and Kasem finds a snippet of conversation in one transmission that speaks of a great weapon that will be used on this world to show the power of one of the factions in the civil war. Just as Kasem informs Commander Patterson and Captain Mawrao of this weapon, the Pokor is forced into a descent by the ships holding it. “We're landing,” the Pokor's helmsman says.

in 1057, with the powers of black magic on his side, Scottish King MacBeth slaughters the army of Malcolm Canmore, son of MacBeth's predecessor, Duncan I. Although Canmore's side had hoped that his general MacDuff's birth through caesarian section would counteract the prophesy that no man born of woman could defeat the Black King, MacDuff was never able to reach MacBeth in the heat of the battle, and was slain by the King from afar. It wasn't until MacBeth's attack on the noblewoman McAfferty's lands in northern England that the true meaning of the prophecy came true; Lady McAfferty, after seducing the King, poisoned his wine.

in 1935, Oklahoma's governor, former humorist Will Rogers, is invited to Washington to speak to an meeting of the nation's governors to discuss ways of alleviating the pain of the Great Depression the nation finds itself in. Rogers is popular across party lines, even though he himself is a Democrat, and had been chosen because under his leadership, Oklahoma's poorest had been given enough of a living to where they were no longer fleeing the state in record numbers. As his plane left the airport in Oklahoma City, though, a twister sprang out of nowhere and sent it spiraling into the ground, killing the governor and all aboard. The nation mourned the loss of this gentle, funny man.

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