Thursday, December 16, 2004

Beethoven Born In Bonn

December 16th, 2004

in 1770, one of the most tragic composers of the era was born in Bonn, Germany; Ludwig Van Beethoven, a student of the great composer Antonio Salieri, wrote fine music until 1802, when his hearing began to fade. By the end of the year, he was completely deaf, and turned to a reclusive life, away from people. The unfinished symphonies from his seclusion hint at masterpieces that never would be.

in 1799, Jan Rudder, a Dutch mathematician and generation 2281 of the Speaker’s Line, calls together the siblings of Europe to announce that he has made a discovery that will bring the Speaker’s Dream to life; he has accidentally invented a compound that can lift heavy objects with tremendous force. The first few experiments along this path were somewhat disastrous for the Speaker’s Descendants, but it did serve to advance their knowledge.

in 1811, the North American Confederation’s Science Ministry halts a particularly powerful earthquake that had been building up in the middle of the continent. R’Pag’Okal, an elderly Mlosh scientist working in the Ministry, gets a commission to study the effects of halting continental drift, the cause of most earthquakes.

in 4616, the Gensu province is shaken by a powerful earthquake. It is one of several that will soon prompt Emperor Chengzu to order his Imperial Scientists to find a way to predict earthquakes. Although they work valiantly, the problem is not solved within Chengzu’s lifetime.

in 1928, author Philip K. Dick was born in Chicago, Illinois. But, it’s possible that was all just an implant from The Company. Count your electric sheep and go back to sleep.

in 1934, Richard C. Tolman, an American physicist, discovers the phenomena he calls Time Flies; it is the noise from a parallel dimension coming through a small tear in the fabric of space/time. It leads him to the discovery of the ability to travel through these rips, and the formation of a cult based on his experiences in alternate universes.

in 1972, the South Chilean reactionaries abruptly left peace negotiations in Caracoa, Venezuela, citing intransigence in the Soviet States’ position. They wanted to unify their country under a single government, while the Americans were pushing for a continuation of the divided country Chile was now, half capitalist, half communist.

in 2003, Adel Yamin, the woman who has taken up with Pope Righteous I, is seen in public for the last time. She comes into a London shop to buy clothing when a group of Estellians denounce her as a harlot. Her Templar bodyguard kills a couple of the Estellians, but the citizens in the store become enraged by this and flay her alive.

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